Meow Meow Happy Fight Review – Fun Filled Action Wrapped In A Furball

Dual-stick shooters are pretty easily found on the app store. With a search, you can find tons. But, I don’t think any of them are built with the care and the detail, and the humor that Meow Meow Happy Fight [App Store] is built with.

The storyline is as follows: a big (and considerably fat) cat from the future decides to take a trip back into the past because the time he lives in is too happy. So once he gets to present day Honk Kong, the destruction begins.

Once you boot up the game, you’ll be faced with a crisp and polished menu. It is easily navigable, user friendly, and all of the buttons are responsive. As soon as you press the play button, you will be able to pick your character. Each of these characters are humor applied to them, and they each have their own display of statistics under their display picture. For example, a cup of Ramen noodles is available for play later in the game!

Like I have mentioned above in the review, the game takes the commonly seen genre, dual-stick shooter, or in other words twin-thumb shooter. When the gameplay actually starts, there are two joysticks on the left and the right side of the screen. They both are dragged around to function, the left one controlling the movement of your character, and the right activating your weapon.

Each of the levels in the game has the same exact premise that is involved with it. You must have the most kills by the time the clock drains down against a specific number of AI opponents. If you are at the top of the list, you will win and the next level will be unlocked. If you are anything but 1st, you will have to restart in order to advance. As you play the levels, they will start to get much more difficult. They start to offer more opponents to attack and evade, and also there will be a different powerup that can be used. The powerups each have their perks, some giving you significant advantages, and others giving you slight advantages.

I love the cartoon styled artwork that “Big Pixel Studios” features in all of their games. Even the loading screens, are admirable to look at, which shows that something whack is going on with the graphics to make it seem so wonderful!

The game is packed to the brim with variety. You can play as different characters, the many levels will keep you occupied for hours, and the various powerups make the gaming experience unbelievably fun and competitive. The one thing that I desperately ask for is a global multiplayer mode, and if not that at least a local one. Fighting AI opponents the whole time can turn out to be pretty boring, and a multiplayer mode would refresh the game and also add towering heaps of replay value to the picture.

Overall, even with the lack of a multiplayer mode, Meow Meow Happy Fight [App Store] proves to be a time consuming experience that will always leave a big, toothy smile on your face! For the low price, it’s worth taking for a spin.

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After huge demand, the developers decided to create their own merchandise for the game. You can find shirts, keychains, mugs, and other cool things here. I’m sold!