Max and the Magic Marker App Review

The platforming genre on the app store has seen a major increase over the past few months with the arrival of many new, decent platformers. Newest to the table, Max and the Magic Marker [$1.99], from publishers, EA and developers, Press Play, is a unique combination of puzzle and platforming elements.

Max and the Magic Marker isn’t just one of your regular old platforming titles. Being the subject of many awards prior to being released on the iDevice market, it has some things that set it apart from others of the same type. Along with the normal d-pad controls for movement jumping through the various platforms in each level, the game also introduces drawing for puzzle-like gameplay as well.
As you navigate through the various levels of the game, you’ll collect ink blobs, which will add to the supply of ink for Max’s magic marker. You’ll need to use the ink to draw structures for Max to use to collect other important things within a level or also to help him make his way to the exit of a certain level by filling in missing pieces of the platforms and such. This is where the strategy comes in because you only have a limited amount of ink and need to find the most efficient way to draw something in the least amount of time.

In addition to having to make your way to the exit, you’ll usually have to collect different items in a level to receive a star rating for that level. One star will be assigned to three different fulfillments giving you the chance to achieve the highest possible, a three star rating in each level. Most commonly, you’ll have to complete a level within the time limit for one star, collect all of the ink blobs for another star, and collect the strategically placed black blobs, which will require you to go out of your way to reach, for the last star.

Despite the game’s flawless aspects, the controls don’t match up to my expectations. After constantly playing Ravenous Games’ League of Evil, (Review) I can’t get un-used to its tight, responsive controls. In Max and the Magic Marker’s case, the controls seem off by a little when you take into consideration their clunky, kind of unresponsive effects.

With the enticing drawing gameplay, I was mainly drawn in because of the game’s great cartoon like graphics fitting the story and providing an experience beyond the actual gameplay. The funky soundtrack added to the effect.

If you’re a platforming buff and really can’t get enough of the genre, Max and the Magic Marker [$1.99] is totally worth your money. The fun gameplay, many levels and the awesome cartoon graphics all amount to a straight up winner, of an app. At the very least, check out the video here to give you a better feel for what the game is like. The iPad version of the game is available, here [$4.99]

Written by nkatti