Master of Alchemy Review – A Combination of Physics and Elegance

Hooked by the slightest idea of physics, I am now a patient suffering from addictiveness. Developed by Darkwave Games, and published by Chillingo, Master of Alchemy has you playing through many different levels with a puzzling premise in mind.

If you’ve ever played Enigmo by Pangaea Software, you’d know what Master of Alchemy has you doing. If not, you are using different alchemist tools to direct different elements to a target while also converting their form. You can play as one of 6 different characters in 60 puzzling levels.

An element is identified by its color. There are many different types, and as you advance through the levels, more will start appearing. Completing levels is done by meeting the goal represented by the number of elements that reached their target. You will be awarded medals depending on how well you do on a level – how quickly the level is completed and how well you used the tools given to you.

Like I mentioned above, the game gives you different alchemist tools to meet a level’s goal. The tools can easily be placed on the screen by dragging the desired one out of the tools section on the left side of the screen. The tools’ position can also be changed to project the elements in different angles. This whole premise alike Enigmo, has barely been seen on the iDevice making the game unique.

The dark/steam punk like art style of the game brings the environment to life. Great particle artwork and animations along with wonderful hand drawn character artwork is great. Each of the levels is puzzling, and the custom physics engine in each is accurate a illustrates gravity in real life.

The only thing I disliked about the game is that there’s so much going on in the screen. Sometimes, in fact, even too much going on. It feels like everything is cramped and squished onto the tiny iPhone and iPod Touch screen. The game suits the iPad much better than the iPhone because of the iPad’s bigger screen.

If you are the type that fancies a physics puzzler with a great storyline, accurate physics engine, and amazing artwork don’t stray your thoughts far from Master of Alchemy. The levels are challenging, and the many tools that can be used make the game that much more interesting! Even with the cramped feeling, the game should be purchased at its sale price of $0.99, or even its full price of $2.99. However, I’d recommend checking out the iPad version more than the iPhone one.