Marble Slalom Review

From the CodeCube Brothers, comes Marble Slalom a fresh takes on the ball-roller classification in which you race through many slalom tracks to achieve the best time. While it’s not as addicting as Tiny Wings, I’ve been in love with it since I got it about a week ago.

I won’t burden you with a long review, so I’ll just get right to the point. Marble Slalom has you racing through 21 total tracks to get to the end with the best time possible. Using the accelerometer, you’ll control a marble through obstacles, which include bumpers, black holes, explosions and such, all placed on the track to hinder your results.

The graphical style of the game has a fresh feel to it. Everything, due to the shine added somewhere on it, maintains a crisp, clean look. Additionally, there is a solid online system built up which lets you create multiple profiles and then further compare scores and compete yourself.

My only real gripe with the game would be its surprising difficulty. The first level’s easy, and then the second is suddenly near impossible. Being only on the 13th level in one week, I can only imagine how difficult the game can possibly get. Apart from that, I’d like to see customization for the marble itself as another add-on for a possible update.

Difficult aside, Marble Slalom puts the final touch to ball rollers on the app store. Belonging in a categorization along with the famous ones, such as the Monkey Ball series, the game is deserving and well worth the $0.99 price tag.