Man in a Maze App Review – A-maze-ing

Picture yourself in a game show built around solving different mazes. As you progress through the show, mazes will become much harder, with some involving robots…deadly robots. Now picture yourself playing Chillingo’s brilliant new title: Man in a Maze ($0.99).

Man in a Maze is built around a deadly twist on what would be a boring game show, which is built around, you guessed it, a maze. After completing a level, you will be awarded a random prize, which is always a humorous one. After receiving your prize, you will get a spin of the wheel, which can award coins, nothing at all, or even drain your coins. There are tons of different mazes to progress through, each bearing intricate puzzles and unique gameplay elements.

You’ll immediately notice the catchy, vibrant art style, when you start up Man in a Maze. In the menus, the colors really burst. Once you jump into your first maze, you’ll see the rich, animated colors Chillingo has poured into Man in a Maze. The view is top-down, making it easier for the game to pull off the cartoony look.

The sounds in Man in a Maze really make it feel like a game show. Tracks of generic, yet catchy music play in the background, and sound effects are nicely exaggerated, in typical game show fashion. Each spin of the wheel sounds great and every blast of a seeker bot frightens, to boot. Overall, each and every sound in this puzzle game greatly contributes to the already stellar atmosphere.

Gameplay is another area in which Man in a Maze outdoes its competitors. Since the view is top down, the game really has a strategic feel to it. You will hide behind bushes, waiting for the deadly seeker bots, which infest the many mazes, to pass. To pass each maze, you must collect all of the blue orbs, whilst also avoiding seeker bots, in Pacman-style gameplay. After a few levels, you’ll gain access to your ball, which if all the correct switches are on, can become explosive. This gives you a chance to fight back. Upon dying, the aging game show host will pop up and say something funny, like: “Don’t worry folks; all of the great prizes he’s won will go to his mother back in Nebraska.”

Though simple, the controls fit the game perfectly: a joystick in the bottom left controls your movement, while a joystick in the bottom right controls the aim of your ball. Joysticks in Man in a Maze are, at times, sticky. This is not much of a problem, however, as it is a rare occasion for this to occur and the gameplay isn’t too fast-paced.

Man in a Maze is a spectacular title, to say the least. The graphics are vibrant, and they fit the game perfectly. Sounds definitely contribute to the game show theme, whilst not becoming an annoyance. Humor is wonderfully executed, and it makes the game hilarious, at times. You will not want to put down Man in a Maze, as the gameplay is addictive and the puzzles are intricate without becoming too difficult. Without a doubt, Man in a Maze is an outstanding puzzle game, and that is no puzzle.

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