Make Your iPhone “Play Dead” to Keep the Battery Alive Longer

“You have an iPhone?! Can I see it? Does it have Doodle Jump/Angry Birds?” Even after all of these years, people can still act like another person’s iPhone is the coolest thing ever and that they have not seen a computer in ten years. If somebody wants to check Facebook and the room is full of Android and BlackBerry devices, four out of five times the iPhone owner will be nagged. (Unscientific statistic.) Well, for the entirely reasonable price of free, an app titled Play Dead will solve your “everybody wants to borrow my iPhone” woes.

Cleverly, the app simply displays the “power off” indicator. Just show that to somebody next time they want to see your iPhone and you’ll fool just about anyone.

No more zombies draining your iPhone’s battery so that the battery really is dead and unusable┬áby the time it gets back to you. So, call Play Dead an app that can prevent a bad denouement for yourself, the actual owner. Ironic how a dead battery is prevented by pretending that it is drained.

The only setback is that you cannot use your iPhone in front of a person that you’ve fooled afterwards, if only because it will lead to trust issues and awkward conversations. Come to think of it, maybe the word “no” has less strings attached. Either way, both options are free.

[App Store link]