MacWorld 2011

This year MacWorld seemed smaller than last year but I was told it was bigger, perhaps it was because the new location was more spread out than in the past. San Francisco was amazing! The city has such life, this small town girl from Oklahoma almost didn’t know what to do with it all. We saw so many amazing products and met some amazing people. But without a doubt the best part was seeing new products and the peoples passion for what they had to offer. I think we’ve all had a great idea at one time or another but many of these people took it and ran. The stars of this show were the smaller booths with BIG ideas. Here several of the products we saw that stood out…

SHOWWX has a projector about the size of a small external hard drive. The picture was clear and precise. This product would be great for presentations via your iPad, laptop or iPhone. Or, you could project a movie or picture slideshow that you downloaded to your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Joos, a company who won innovation awards at CES, has a solar charger for just about any device you can think of. This would be a great product for an outdoors kind of guy who also loves to stay connected while he’s out on a camping trip.

IDAPT has a cool product if you are overwhelmed with all the devices you own and need to charge. This station comes with 20 different adapters to charge almost any device you can think of. And, you can purchase additional ones a la carte. The port looks nice too and comes in many different colors to match your decor.

As my own personal favorite Fastmac has a product that I am dying to get.  When I saw the U-Socket I thought to myself, YES! Why have I never seen one of these before? The A/C socket has 2 usb ports built into the side. This socket is even equipped with enough power to charge an iPad. And, at only $19.95 this is affordable for everyone! Finally the world can charge their phone while running the toaster and the candle warmer all at the same time!

Clear Protector was a hit at MacWorld for one main reason. They had free screen protectors for everyone! And, they applied it on your phone for you. I’m embarrassed to say, that when I went over to get my screen protector, he peeled not one, not two, but three screen protectors off my phone. I guess I need to get my eyes check but I was definitely protected. Anyway, this screen protector is the best I’ve ever seen and has a lifetime warranty. They have screen protectors for just about everything from a cell phone, kindle, gaming systems, GPS, cameras, macbooks, iPads and more. Check out the you tube video and you will see why it’s so great.

CoPilot Live has a great GPS app for your iPhone, smartphone or iPod. The App shows street maps, full voice guided directions and free map updates. Why purchase a GPS when you can purchase a $4.99 app that does it for you. This device would work great with the Tetrax phone mount we will review in the next few days.

Finally Super Sync has an unbelievable cool product that I think we all have thought at one time or another we wished we had. A way to sync several iTunes accounts into one. You can synchronize all your iTunes libraries across multiple computers into one. It will compare the libraries and sort for duplicates, back up your data, allow access to your library from anywhere on the net and is compatible with multiple platforms. You can get a free demo of the software on their website.

Overall, MacWorld was a huge success. All the exhibitors seemed to have a great show, except for the TV hat guy. That is just crazy talk…who wants to wear one of those things? But, other than that, it was a great time. Can’t wait for next year to see what the tech community will come up with next.