London’s Science Museum Hosts New, Intriguing Technology Sculptures

Dubbed Electroboutique, a new art exhibition has come to live at the London Science Museum, and it attempts to distort the picture of modern technology to depict how it has twisted society nowadays. Among the peculiarly shaped sculptures that the exhibition boasts, is a wonderful looking iPhone sculpture.

Artists Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev’s both of Russian origin worked on the various pieces of art at the exhibition totaling a cumulative seven years. They’re aim was to visually show technology’s place in our modern day society by distorting it. Officially:

“use languages of pop culture, media and art histories, framed by a tongue-in-cheek appropriation of the language of corporate marketing speak.

The exhibition includes the wonky iPhone sculpture (how awesome of a dock would that be?) pictured both above and below, a wavy life-size iPod Nano, a sculpture showing objects correlating to the stock market plummeting into the trash can and some more. Overall, maybe a possible contender for if you visit the museum or even life nearby.

Let us know in the comments if you check it out, we’re interested to know how it was.

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