Little Acorns App Review – Stylized Artwork Mixes Seamlessly with Platforming

Little Acorns ($0.99) is the newest to offer platforming fun from Chillingo – putting a cute twist on the usual formula, the premise is simple to get a hold of. You and your family of squirrels have returned home to find out that cunning raccoons have stolen your stash of acorns. You must navigate through a series of fairly-well designed levels in order to recover the valuable items that you so unfortunately lost.

You’ll start with a quick introduction to the gameplay elements. As usual, a set of virtual controls layer the bottom of the screen that you’ll use for movement. The right and left arrows control left and right movement while the up button on the opposite end of the screen controls jumping.

Rather than retaining a metroidvania style of gameplay like some of its previous predecessors, Little Acorns takes a sharp turn away. Instead, levels will take but only a few minutes, and seconds in some cases, to be complete.

Rather, levels involve strategy in completing when considering the time limit, the optional speed run time as well as the level design that usually requires multiple attempts to complete successfully. Upon collecting every acorn in a level, which is the ultimate goal, you’ll have the option to collect the additional five pieces of fruit that appear – this presents an extra challenge as the clock continues to run and dying is still a possibility. Collecting all five of the fruits will unlock a new article of clothing that you can use to customize your squirrel.

There are tons of enemy sprites that will constantly be introduced. Spiders, raccoons, and more will make appearances, some with different avoidance tactics needed to evade. There are also powerups that you can collect in order to improve your performance. These include super jumps, helmets that can be used to recklessly ram into enemies and also super speed.

Once you delve deeper into the main meat of the game, a new aspect will be incorporated that nicely augments the gameplay a bit more. You will need to swing between platforms to collect acorns in a few levels, which adds a new mechanic and renews the gameplay that would otherwise be quite trite by then.

Games like this should be a bit more difficult, in our humble opinions. It’s easily comparable to our last year’s Game of the Year, League of Evil. That said title equals instant death if you come into contact with any sort of obstacles. In the case of Little Acorns, though, you’ll discover that coming into contact with enemies will only result in a delay of your movement, ultimately affecting your overall time. With the long times for each level, this hardly makes an impact unless you’re a hardcore gamer bent on dominating the leaderboards.

In terms of artwork, Little Acorns doesn’t really lack. Everything is crafted with a bright palette, maintains a cartoon manner that lends itself to the premise of the game and looks extra polished with each sprite not failing to include that gleam.

If you’re not a seasoned gamer and prefer a more laid back, casual title that focuses more on its graphical style than its ability to stay interesting, Little Acorns is probably for you. Even with the 60 included levels, the game soon began to become a drag. Still, it’s worth the $0.99 for the some time of fun that it manages to provide.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="This was probably the best aspect of Little Acorns all in all." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="The background music and the sound effects lend themselves to the theme of the game." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="Other than the swinging element, there wasn't anything innovative in the gameplay area of Little Acorns. This caused the whole experience to become dry after some time." cat3rating="3" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="They were responsive and weren't too obtrusive, however, felt a little floaty at some times. This may have been because of the swaying character animation when jumping." cat4rating="4.5" summary="It has some room for improvement but was decent for some time. If you want a quick thrill, pick it up."]

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