League of Evil App Review – Best Platforming Goodness Ever!

If you’re a major gamer that keeps track of all of the new, noticed games to hit the app store everyday using an RSS feed, maybe appshopper.com, or even an online forum you may be familiar with the considerable wave of games that were released into the app store today. Amongst them, League of Evil also made its appearance. But there’s something that separates it from the rest: it’s without doubt the largest release of the day, and possibly even the new year! Why? Because of its tendency to not fall short.

I’ve been following the development of this game since it was first announced. After first posting about the game, I got more involved by being given the opportunity to beta test the game beforehand with my job being to point out any bugs that I encountered and most importantly get my hands on the game’s many levels. The game was approved long ago in early January and since then it’s been painful waiting for release date to finally arrive.

The developers, Ravenous Games, have collaborated with flash developer Woblyware to bring this previously online-only-available game to the iDevice. If you’ve every played the game online, the handheld version sustains the amount of addictiveness that the original didn’t fail to produce at all. There’s a small little background story which explains the plan of a band of scientists, The League of Evil. Your job is to eliminate each of the scientists in a whole ton of levels, 54 to be exact, all packed with platforming goodness and obstacles on the way.

These scientists that you have to get to will can be scattered everywhere in the levels with there locations varying from level to level. To pass the level, you have to find the scientist and kill him while also navigating around the strategically placed obstacles which litter your path with danger. If you run into an obstacles, which include shooting guards, lasers, spikes, swinging spikes, guns and a few others, the level will end and you must start over; there’s no lives and such because of the shortness of the levels.

Depending on how long it takes you to complete a level, you will be ranked differently anywhere from 1 to 3 stars. Even if you aren’t the type that tries to get the fastest time possible, the heat of the game will get you into the spirit where you’ll be retrying levels over and over with attempts to reach and kill the scientist quicker and look for shortcuts (not obvious ones of course, but little things here and there that can shave off mere milliseconds from your time) After playing continuously, you’ll develop a feel for the game almost jumping based on instinct.

The worry about the game was that the controls would be flaw-full considering the various amount of things you can do – move first of all, jump, dash, wall-climb, etc. – however the developers have nailed this one head-on mainly with the simplicity and the responsiveness of the controls. There are two arrows, – right and left – a jump button and a dash button, which allows for decapitating the many guards, all strewn across the bottom of the screen.

There’s a particular style which was used to render all of the graphical elements of the game which is the pixel one. I’m not completely sure, but I think that this is what makes the game so unique and drives it away from other platformers on the app store. The only other things that could possibly do this might be, oh, everything else in the game – the accurate AI, hooking plot and levels, different environments and spot-on controls.

Having played League of Evil for almost over a month now, I can truly say, over the other gamers who are enjoying this little gem for the first time today, that the game is absolutely phenomenal. The $0.99 price tag that this marvelous representation of the app store is offered for is a bargain if you consider what it really should cost. Plus, a new update will be submitted very shortly which will include 25 more levels along with a few more hazards and an all new environment!