Knight’s Rush App Review – A Castle Crashers-esque Game That Has Me Playing Both Day and Knight

My Xbox 360 is still up to date one of my favorite game systems. That is of course while being my secondary option when I have no desire for my iPod (yeah right!). When I get on I like playing a type of game that I normally couldn’t find on the App Store market, and Castle Crashers is one of them. However, now that there’s an alternative, I have no problem giving up on my addiction the bright, arcade game that had be attached to it day and night.

My new alternative to Castle Crashers is Chillingo’s newest title, Knight’s Rush. After the developer’s previous success with “A Quest of Knight’s Onrush”, they decided to expand the idea and create a longer, more lovable, game. And that is how I ended up suffering from the serious illness of addiction.

When I play Castle Crashers on my Xbox, I admire the many colors that burst brightly around the screen along with the unique and fun combat system. With many of the levels being too easy to complete, I found that beating the game was not a worry at all, and eventually that’s what happened. However I still replayed many of the levels until a few days ago I found the most ultimate alternative that can be played on my
iPod – Knight’s Rush.

Being a lover of pretty much any game Chillingo throws at the App Store, Knight’s Rush was an scrumptious treat. As I was tempted by the trailer released a few months ago, I was amazed when I finally got a chance to play it!

In the game you’ll face a plethora of dangers as you make your way through the main focus of the game: the campaign mode. When you first start playing, you’ll be able to choose from three different characters each with their own perks. There is a level menu that is configured to actually be a world. As in, you have to physically move your character to a portal to enter a level. In this Portal World, you’ll be able to change between the three different characters with the simple touch of a button which is located in the top left hand corner. This will activate a short animation in which your present character will transform into another different one with new looks and a new weapon. In the campaign mode, you’ll also face 8 boss battles that keep the game fresh.

Other modes included are the ‘Endless Mode’ and the ‘Super Endless Mode’. Both have enemies falling from the sky, randomly placed obstacles, and a whole lot of action packed gameplay.

In all of the modes, you will face foes, chests, powerups and upgrades/leveling up. Let’s start with the first which is of course foes. Every good game had enemies right? Yep. In every level, you will have to fight new enemies that might hold different powers. As newer ones make their initial appearances, the game starts to get harder: when you have advanced a good bit you’ll be facing all kinds of things. The second thing that is found commonly in each level is chests. These, as the name implies are boxes that contain different items which ties in along with the other element found in a level. The chests have potions that may restore your health, and also have powerups that will give you super powers for a few seconds. The last thing is upgrades along with leveling up. As you kill more and more enemies, a blue bar located under the health bar will start to fill up. When it completely fills up, you will level up which gives you more power. Along with a level up you will receive points that can be spent on upgrades.

You cannot find a problem with the control method that was chosen for this game. As many other side-scrollers of the genre have, this game uses a thumbstick (thumbcross) to control the character. This is on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen the buttons for jumping (which consists of a single somersault), combat, and powerup activation are displayes. Although the game has been pretty responsive so far, I have experienced a slight lag in the beginning on a level – the thumbcross sort of goes inactive, and the character starts glitching.

Everything the game has is rendered with the same style to it. The game truly takes on the Castle Crashers theme not only because of the gameplay, but also because of its looks. The cartoon graphics of the backdrops, character sprites, and everything else that is displayed in this game are fantabulous! The polished glow this game emits makes it a privilege to own.

If you haven’t made the quick decision on whether to purchase this game or not, you’re either seriously confused or have no idea what this game contains. It has a wonderful control scheme, cartoon artwork that practically sings “admire me!”, and the many enemies and RPG elements included all contribute into the fact that the game is a necessity for you iPhone and iPod Touch users.

I can’t recommend the game enough. It is $2.99, and for that price the purchase isn’t debatable unless you’re confused like I said earlier, or don’t like a game with great combat, nice artwork, and tons of levels. Everything in the game sums up to perfection!