iPhone Alley’s Weekend Gamer Edition – A Subtle, But Satisfying, Week of Releases

As we evaluate and take some of the many applications released each week through our review process, we try to highlight the best aspects of some and furthermore the best all around. More specifically, with games. At the end of every week, we’ll give you a rundown on a few applications that we’ve both already looked at and also have not yet reviewed to provide you with possible contenders for your weekend gaming needs, if you’re a gamer of course.

We only reviewed one application this week, which was a disappointment, but there are a few others that I’d like to turn your heads in light of. Check them out below.

Swing Away $0.99


Casual gaming has definitely taken a turn in the past few months with the amount of such games growing in the App Store tremendously. That said, it’s always nice to see something fresh in the genre, and Swing Away certainly did not fail to do so. Passing our review process with a flawless 5/5 stars, the game puts you in place of a monkey bent on getting back to its family from the zoo. As you traverse the four included environments, the game has you swinging from vine to vine to achieve the highest possible score while avoiding hitting the ground, as this will hinder your combo, and while also attempting to collect the snacks and time-boosts littered throughout the air. It’s great for the casual gamer, while also challenging the ideal hardcore gamer with the application’s included 60 missions, ranging from simple to extremely difficult, as well as the competitive Game Center leaderboards that are incorporated. All of the above is packed into a cutesy, uber-fun package that is totally worth $0.99, without doubt.

Not Reviewed

Mini Motor Racing $1.99

As soon as I saw this one, I immediately took the plunge and purchased it. Stunning, unrealistic (deliberately made that way) artwork coalesces perfectly with fast-paced racing action in this title, and it’s worth the price tag. Sporting an aesthetic making it look similar to remote-controlled cars, the game takes you through 20 tracks, each with their own environment, and allows you to upgrade your car. Oh, and the developers have teamed up with Halfbrick to offer you an exclusive Fruit Ninja car + track. They’re both sick if you’re a fan of the fruit-slashing game. Again, worthy of your download if you like racing games.

Breaking Eggz FREE

I’m usually not a huge fan of freemium titles, because of their reliance on pay-to-play mechanics, but Breaking Eggz is one of the exceptions. Rather than force in-app purchases on you, the game doesn’t require you to buy anything additionally – it’s just plain free. While we do have a review coming soon, we’re just going to give you a quick overview of the game to maybe whet your appetite for our review. Or you can just go ahead and pick it up now. Breaking Eggz offers casual — I mean real casual — fun for players of all ages. Five eggs will show up on the screen, and your job is to simply break them by tapping. After broken, you may be faced with an empty egg or may be left with whatever is contained in the egg. Smashing an egg costs one hammer, which you have 100 of, and you will collect combo-stars and other things from eggs periodically. Once you’re out of hammers, you wait four hours until you automatically get more or can purchase them via IAP. The incentive for playing? There are achievements to…achieve. And the game consists of five stages, which each have particular, rare items that need to found from the eggs before you can progress. It seems simple, and it truly is; nothing else to it.

Join us again next weekend for another edition of iPhone Alley’s Weekend Gamer Edition!