Invaders World Tour 3 App Review – Can You Defend the World?

Can you defend the world from the invaders that threaten it? If you’re a pro at Galaga and absolutely love shoot em’ ups, I’m sure you can. It’s one of Appular’s newest titles, Invaders World Tour 3, and it sure is one of their bests!

Evidently taking its cue from Namco’s old shoot em’ up, Galaga, Invaders World Tour 3 features fast-paced shooting action. Rather than in space, the shooting takes place on Earth with the invaders threatening to destroy some of the world’s largest cities.

You take on the role of a small spaceship on the bottom of the screen with three shields places right above you running across the horizontal length of the screen and the invaders entering at the top as waves. Tilting your device will control your movement, right and left, while tapping the screen will fire bullets upwards. You’ve got to kill all of the invaders while also avoiding their constant stream of missiles. Although the tilt sensitivity is almost perfect, I’d really like to see touch controls and another alternative for shooting as tapping the screen at a constant rate for a few minutes or so at a time can get overwhelming and hurtful for your fingers. An added optional change of auto-fire would be very helpful.

During gameplay you must watch out for missiles as when hit by one, you can lose a life, or ship, indicated by the small number at the top right corner of the screen. When all of your ships are gone, the game ends with a nuke blowing up the city you were attempting to defend. Once you kill all of the invaders on the screen, the level will end and the next will start off. From level to level the AI of the invaders along with their looks will vary much. They will get smarter, avoiding your bullets, and also shoot you more. By the time they start getting really bad, your shields have have died getting you into a tilting rampage as you avoid the onslaught of missiles which can get to be very difficult. By the time that you’ve completed all 5 levels in a country, you’ll have unlocked a short little mini-game that gives you an opportunity to earn some extra points.

I like the variety that the game has in terms of the amount of ships that you will use, the many different types of enemies, and of course the many countries that you will defend. The artwork of the enemy sprites doesn’t quite live up to what is seen in most apps on the app store nowadays – they seemed kind of rigged. However, the backgrounds illustrating the cities were great and just “glowed.” I’d also like the note that the backgrounds changed from level to level showing the course of the day from light to dark which I did like. Similarly, the must got more intense and frantic as the levels became more and more difficult.

If the developers could rectify the control issue and fix the graphics a bit, the game would be a whole lot better though at the current state it still is a fun little shmup. If you’d enjoy a Galaga-esque game with a whole lot of crazed shooting, look no further than Invaders World Tour 3 as it’s only $0.99.