Inotia 3: Children of Carnia App Review

After playing Queen’s Crown from iPhone developers Com2uS, I got greatly interested in the widely enjoyed RPG genre. Recently, Com2uS released their third endeavor for their Inotia Series with the appearance of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia. I’ve played for a few days now, and have a feeling that Queen’s Crown was simply a time-filler for users waiting for Inotia 3 because this new title is absolutely amazing!

Like all RPGs, Inotia 3 starts out with a storyline that puts you up against dark forces in order to save the world. As soon as the cut-scenes are done you’ll be able to start playing. People have appreciated what Com2uS has offered so far in terms of quality and that’s why these Inotia games are so successful. The controls are extremely simple and responsive: like usual you’ve got your d-pad in the bottom left corner and the attack buttons on the right side of the screen. As long as you know what buttons do what, everything is pretty much given to you including the location of quests and essential places.

In all of the cities that you travel through, there will be a large number of quests – some simple, some difficult. There will be side-quests along with the main quests which are optional and provide some fun and leveling-up opportunity. Though they’re not too difficult, these quests are engaging.

The variety in this game is great. There are a ton of different monsters to kill, a whole lot of weapons that can be bought/made and a party system that allows you to have a few members that walk around with you. Each will have a different power which can be changed and added onto. There’s tons of variety, but the game isn’t that difficult. In fact, it’s more fun than difficult and instead of getting you frustrated every time that you lose a battle, the game seems to suck you into the plot.

Instead of having modern, crisp graphics, Inotia 3: Children of Carnia seems to stick more with old-school retro artwork. With pixelated sprites, the game seems to have a lasting first impression on you when you open it, and I feel that these graphics are part of the reason that you get so into the game.

If you’re expecting something within the lines of Diablo – extremely difficult -, you’ll be disappointed. The light in the game is that it can be for seasoned gamers while also being able to satisfy people just being introduced to the genre. It’s got a solid storyline and some substantial replay value along with a lengthy story mode that will keep you involved for a couple of extremely enjoyable hours. While it lasts, the game is amazing and I wouldn’t recommend another on the app store more. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just getting started this $4.99 priced game goes beyond average.

For a more accurate representation of the graphics, take a look at the picture above. The trailer’s pristine, clear graphics are not close to the actual game’s