Infestor App Review – Takes Platforming Extraterrestrial

Based on the developer’s past App Store record, it’s safe to say that iOS game-maker Ravenous Games certainly has the platforming formula down, along other things. Previously at the helm of popular titles including League of Evil, League of Evil 2, Random Heroes, and Beatdown, the indie developer has managed to capture the App Store’s attention with its extensive lineup. Recently released, Infestor ($0.99) is the newest addition to Ravenous Games’ collection of retro platformers, and it certainly does not fail to satisfy.

Rather than being a simple run ‘n’ gun platformer, requiring the sole skill of timing and resistance to suppress anger from frustration, like the majority of Ravenous Games’ other platformers, Infestor adds a mental spin on things. Players will find themselves controlling a small green blob, – the infestor – who demands inheriting the abilities of humans that are placed around the level. Using the abilities of a prisoner with an improved jump, a crate-pusher, a soldier with the ability to shoot enemies and an army general with the power to open closed doors, the player must strategically guide the blob to the end of each level in order to move onto the next.

game_infestorOn the surface, Infestor seems like it would be a deep, incredibly varied game considering the amount of levels. The story mode contains a whopping 60 levels, but in retrospect, they take absolutely no time at all to play-through completely. Each level takes no more than a few seconds to find the solution, and you’ll retry a level at most just a couple of times. When it comes to the amount of in-game elements, however, Infestor has a fairly good collection of enemies, obstacles and other such.

The game uses a control scheme very familiar to iOS users who’ve previously played a game of similar breed. Two right and left directional arrows line the bottom-left side of the screen that are used for movement and A and B buttons are directly opposite for jumping/infesting. When controlling the shooting character, an additional third button appears on the right to act as the trigger control – though responsive, the button is too awkwardly placed and requires a bit of planning before execution. In other words, you have to physically look down to make sure you’re pressing the right button, which decreases the overall fluidity of the gameplay.


There’s just that one mental stimulation factor that’s almost completely nonexistent from Infestor. The presence of this is essential for a game like this, and the fact that the difficulty of levels hardly ramps up as you advance could arguably be a deal-breaker for those who fancy a challenge. However, if you’re simply looking for another worthy platformer to add to your iOS collection, Infestor should prove to be quite a thrill.

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