INC App Review – Pixel Artwork Gaming to Quench Your Fancy

You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the few people over at OrangePixel who have augmented the App Store’s wide collection of platformers. Thanks to their two previous games, Meganoid and Stardash, their most recent, INC had a warm welcome into the App Store by the small developing outlet’s many fans – and it’s rightly so.

INC’s run and gunning gameplay as well as its retro artwork, coalesce to make a platformer that proves to be one hell of a good time. You’ll play across a total of four worlds, each consisting of 9 levels of the same pixel-packed goodness that you’ll soon learn to love if you don’t already…

Your main goal throughout the game is to unlock each levels’ three boosters, which will further give you the ability to advance to the next level upon reaching the end of that level. Some of the time, one booster will cleverly be hidden within a platform making it invisible until you shoot the proper place – this calls for random shooting as you’ll never really know where that last booster is until you uncover its hiding place by luck.

If you’re the kind of gamers who warmly accepts challenges, you’ll be thrilled to hear that INC offers a three-star system used in many of the App Store’s modern games as well as in Orange Pixel’s previous two App Store endeavors. One star is awarded upon unlocking all three boosters within each level’s individual time limits, another is awarded for shooting all of the enemies and the last is for retaining some health by the conclusion of a level. That said, you’ll most likely need to redo each level multiple times in order to get all three stars; the time limit handicaps you along with the constant onslaught of potentially dangerous hazards.


Layering the bottom of the screen, are the game’s virtual controls. Like many of the same platformers on the App Store, INC has an on-screen d-pad used for playing the game. The right and left arrows are displayed on the bottom left side of the screen, while on the other side are the two shoot and jump buttons. Rather than being next to each other, they the shoot and jump buttons are on top of one another, which would be a problem had OP not included a button placement option, because the two are too closely

Yet again, Orange Pixel doesn’t fail to content with its wonderful artwork. I’ve tried some pixel artwork pieces myself, and even after spending days of time on some of them, they’ve turned out horrible. So I know first hand how difficult it is to make pixel artwork and to make it look good is an additional bonus that only a select few amount of people have the skill to do. So kudos to the artist over at OP for making INC so attractive.

INC has just the right amount of content, replayability and crisp presentation to appeal to most iOS gamer’s fancy. Had it come from any other developer, I wouldn’t have backed buying the game quite as much, but since it’s from Orange Pixel, who in my opinion makes the best platformers for iOS, I’m totally behind spending your spare $1.99 in order to enjoy a great platformer that not only challenges with its sheer difficulty but also pays homage to platformers of the past. Casual gamers, retro gamers and hardcore gamers alike should all take the bite here, it’s worth it.


iPhoneAlley rates INC 5/5 stars. It’s down our alley!