Illusia App Review – An RPG That Tests Your Skill, But Also Your Patience

The RPG genre on the app store has been seeing a huge growth in the past few month, but past few weeks mainly. Many of the large developers have been releasing their titles, and it seems that games are being spit out day after day. This gives even more reason for developers to try to stand out in the crowd, and I’d say that Gamevil has done it with their newest addition to their collection of games, Illusia.

Illusia takes two huge and widely enjoyed genres, and smashes them together creating a hybrid amazingly fun yet difficult in other ways than imagined. You’ve got the classic d-pad, with the right, left, up, and down buttons used for movement along with two buttons on the right which are used for combat and also movement.

Like in a regular Role-playing game, say Zenonia or Queen’s Crown, the up and down buttons make you move up and down on the maps. However in Illusia, since it’s a platforming RPG, the up makes you jump up which lets you access higher platforms while the down button lets you drop down. Sometimes the d-pad is very good in terms of sensitivity, but sometimes it can get a little unresponsive which leads to frustration. The other button next to the combat button is another jump button which can be used as an alternative. I would voice that the up button be then removed because all it does it clutter the screen and get in the way.

All of the regular things in this type of game are also included in Illusia from quests to leveling up your character to buying weapons and useful to enemies and large bosses. As soon as you start playing, the game has a few easy missions for you to do before you become official, and then it starts becoming more intense. Similarly, the enemies are more difficult as you move further and further away from town and advance through the game.

The character system is great. It’s easy to navigate through, and equipping the most useful items is simple as everything you need to know about two comparable items is shown. It’s easy to see when your character needs health, mana, or when he/she (two different characters to choose from in the beginning of the game) is going to level up due to the location of the gauges that accordingly represent these things.

The first town, solely took me a good 2 hours, but of course I’m not too seasoned in this genre. But I could tell that the proceeding towns would be much more difficult and time consuming because of the lengthier missions and tougher enemies. There are currently 7 towns to make your way through, so I’m sure that the game has a solid 10-16 hours of gameplay in the story mode.

It’s only the d-pad that is unresponsive because it seems that the combat button and the alternative jump button make the character perform as soon as touched. Almost every time that you kill an enemy, it will leave an item behind which can often be sold for money at the various stores in towns. With the money you can buy all of the essentials that you need including new weapons and such.

Though the game has been extremely fun, engaging, and wholesome so far there’s one thing that really bugs me and makes me want to rip out all of my hair. Some of the platforms are only as wide as the character and some move, so it’s pretty difficult to get onto these. One stray movement throws you off, and you have to make you way back up to the platform from which you feel which is usually considerably high up. Most of the time, it takes me multiple attempts to get up. I think that it’s partly because of the semi-un-responsive controls, and part because of the width of these platforms. Anything that makes it easier is okay for me.

As all of Gamevil’s games, the game features some pretty polished graphics. All of the enemy sprites, character sprites, and everything else in the game is rendered with a pixel sort of style which makes it look, to an extent, old-school. The soundtrack is also great and goes along with this kind of fantasy game.

Even though I wasn’t a fan of role-playing games the whole time I’ve had an iDevice (3 years), I’ve now learned to appreciate the style of those types of games. Apart from my annoying fall-off-platform complaint, Illusia has made me enjoy the genre even more. It’s $4.99 for this title, which is a reasonable price tag considering the long length of the story mode and great fun this game manages to generate along with its polished artwork.