iBooks for the iPhone

iBooks logoWho needs an e-book reader when you have an iPhone?

One of my favorite things from the new operating system is iBooks.

At first I thought, who would want to read a book on a tiny screen, then I went on a long road trip and forgot to bring a book.  I was able to purchase a book for less than the book would cost in a bookstore and download it right then and there while on the road.  I was in the mood for a new Nicholas Sparks’ book, what girl doesn’t love his books, and was able to preview the first chapter of the book and then download the book for only $9.99.

With iBooks, you can download books right from the app in the iBooks bookstore.  You can choose from thousands of books including those from the New York Times best-sellers list.  There are even more than 30,000 books for free to choose from.  And when you first download iBooks, you get Winnie-the-Pooh for free!

It’s easy to format the book to make it easy for you to read.  You can choose from five different fonts and change the size of the text too.

Having problems with the screen being too bright or too dark for where you are?  You can change the brightness in the app without having to change it in Settings.

Think you’ll have problems changing the page?  It’s super easy, either tap the screen or slide across the screen.  Tap on the left or slide to the left, go back a page.  Tap on the right or slide to the right, go forward a page.  You can even start reading the book on your iPhone but continue reading on your iPad or iPod Touch.

Think you’ll have problems with losing your place in the book?  There’s a bookmark tool and even if you completely close out of the app, when you open it back up, it will be at the same page.

Another interesting feature about iBooks is being able to save and download PDF files.  You can download the files from your e-mail or from the Internet.  And you can sync documents as well when you sync your iPhone.

Gift cards are now available specifically for iBooks, so why buy someone a book when you can let them choose what book they want to buy!

So now instead of just playing Angry Birds, checking your Facebook and Twitter or sending Heytells to your friends, you can read from you iPhone!  Then people can’t accuse you of “wasting time” on your iPhone.