iBend Review for iPhone and iPod Touch – A Handy Little Stand to Accompany You Everywhere

I cannot say that I haven’t had those moments when I really want to watch a movie hands-free. It has happened before, and most recently happened in the plane last week. I was really craving a movie, but I, being me, had forgot to bring one of my many stands from home. Well yesterday I got my iBend and I really wish I had it before my trip because I guarantee you that I wouldn’t have forgot it.

The iBend is a stylish and ultra thin stand for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Whenever you need a little pal to help you out and make your experience with your iDevice a bit more relaxing, the iBend is there for you.

On the official website, you’ll find a variety of different colors and designs available for purchase. This diverse amount of stands ranges from the classic black and white to stands shaped like mustaches for humor benefits. Each packet comes standard with two stands each. I was sent two designs: the classic black and white, and the owls one which comes with two different colored stands both with little pictures of owls.

The packaging is nothing fancy, but it’s all that the iBend requires. The packages look almost like cardboard postcards wrapped in a plastic cover with a picture of the according theme on the front, and a creative list of places you can use the iBend.

The iBend is pretty much a tiny hangar shaped piece of flexible plastic that will fit almost anywhere: your purse, pocket, the back of your iPod or iPhone case, or other place. There is a stick piece of glue on the back of the stands to attach them to the paper, and I often find myself sticking the stand onto the back of the body of my iPod.

The stand works greatly. All you do is bend it, while holding it place it on a flat surface, and then place your device on the two prongs so that it fits securely. Some people have said that the stand doesn’t work with iPods or iPhones with cases on them, but I didn’t have a problem placing my candyshell on it.

There are so many designs to choose from, and with each purchase, you get two stands. They’re priced at a totally affordable and accurate price of only $4.99. Like I said before, if I had the stand before my trip, I definitely wouldn’t have forgotten it. It’s thin, easy to set up, and most of all attractive, and because of all of these factors I highly recommend it to all iDevice users! (iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4)