Humor: Life-Sized iPad – Slower, Thicker, Heavier

It’s time for some Saturday humor! Following my brief visit to my local Apple store to check out some of the new, white iPhone 5s I saw Apple’s newest product: the iPad 2′s successor, the iPad 2 Life-Sized Version.

Admire the huge, color-bursting Smart Covers casing those large, iPad 2-similar-devices. Pretty sweet, huh? Yup, it’s Apple’s newest product, which is the life-sized successor to the previous iPad 2 boasting a 4 foot by 6 foot retina enhanced screen and some other life-sized features to top it off.

As soon as you walk into the store, you’ll see your iPhone 4s to the left, iPods to the right and iPads/Macs further back into the store, but that’s not what you’re really looking for. What you also see is a set of these new, life-sized iPads displayed right next to the entrance – it’s pretty hard to miss them due to their extra large features. They’re arranged in a line right there on the floor and are completely accessible to the general crowd.

Despite me hinting most obviously through the title and the first line of this article about the humor, if you’re still thinking this is a real product, this is the time I have to break it to you, directly: it’s not real but instead just a model equipped with a large screen to showcase the wonderful things the real iPad 2 can do in the form of a slideshow/video presentation. Google doesn’t return with any images like mine, so I’m guessing that these unique models are only unique to my Apple store, though I’d love to here if you’ve got them to. Post below if so!

Really waiting for the day when Apple starts to mass produce these…then they’ll truly have most of the world’s supply of these screens…