Heytell iPhone App Review

Don’t want to make a phone call? Don’t want to type out a text message? Then try Heytell!

What is Heytell? Heytell is the new iPhone version of a walkie talkie. It’s not a phone call but it’s not a text message either. It’s a faster, easier way to get a hold of fellow iPhone users and is available for the Android as well.

The app is gaining a lot of popularity around college students because it’s the lazy way of communicating with friends.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Heytell but one thing is for sure, it’s faster than typing a text message or making a phone call. A lot of people find the concept a little weird, talking into your phone but it’s not a phone call and it’s a short message but not a text message. I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first but now I love the app. It takes some getting used to since you looked a little odd talking into your phone and then holding it up to your ear sometimes to listen to the message, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty fun.

Sometimes text messages can get really dull and you miss what the person is really trying to say. With Heytell, you can add emotion to the message and your friend can hear what you really meant to say.

Only thing I don’t like about the app: if the app is open, the voice message will automatically play. At times this is nice, and other times it can cause embarrassing situations. So note: don’t leave the app open while in class or in a quiet public place, you may get some pretty weird looks if you’re having an interesting conversation with a friend.

It’s also good if you have friends and family members scattered across the country. It’s hard to take the time to sit down and have a long conversation with someone but with Heytell you can still hear their voice without having to set aside a time that works for both members to talk.

The app is free to download from the App store and they release updates in a timely matter whenever issues come up. I haven’t had any problems with the app crashing since I downloaded it about a month ago.

The messages are also free because they are data and not phone calls so you can Heytell your friends internationally. If you go over your data plan, however, you will pay for the overage charges. The messages are about the size of an e-mail.