HandAble iPhone, Smartphone and Tablet Hand Holders Review

We always post about interesting Kickstarter projects but rarely ever after the products themselves have been funded and have begun to be produced in mass quantities. What’s even more unlikely is our posting of Kickstarter projects that failed to get the necessary funds but later began to be produced regardless. Initially a Kickstarter project that did not reach its goal, the HandAble ($19.95) has materialized into a worthwhile, convenient holder to avoid a smartphone death grip.

As smartphones get thinner, not only does their ability to sustain drops and shock decrease immensely, but they also get more and more expensive. With the entry-level iPhone coming in at $200, there’s no doubt that dropping a smartphone to its demise is both an unfortunate and expensive event. The same stands true to tablets that, when bought with power and performance in mind, easily surpass the overall cost of an unlocked smartphone. However unlikely you think the situation of dropping your phone or other expensive device may be, the inevitable truth is: it can happen to anybody.

Hoping to lessen the chances of dropping your phone or tablet, the HandAble recently made its way into the accessory industry after a Kickstarter project. Though it did fail, the 78-year old visionary behind the product quickly hopped back up and started to produce the HandAble. While the accessory market is a dense, crowded one, there aren’t really too many products that can compete on the same level with the HandAble’s functionality.

By itself, the HandAble is nothing special – no revolutionary design, no awing technology. It’s simply a circular nub that will stick to the back of your iPhone using specially-designed adhesive backings. The nub, thanks to its distance from the backplate of your device to it, allows you to firmly grip your device within the confines of your fingers. Thus, it provides additional measures to prevent dropping your device.

We mentioned that the HandAble is installed using disposable sticky backings. What happens if you have to take the setup off of your device for some reason then? The HandAble comes packaged with a few replacements, but if you run out then you have to purchase more (packs of three sold for $3.30) – it’s a cumbersome solution to install the HandAble. While easy, it’s certainly not efficient.

As an added function, the HandAble will also double as a kickstand for your phone to rest on. It’s limited in terms of viewing positions, but it can prove to be useful at times.

You can pick up a HandAble for $19.95. It’s a bit overpriced for such a simple accessory, but the provided peace of mind easily warrants a purchase.

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