Guns’n'Glory App Review – Tower Defense At Its Greatest

Never ever have I fancied the commonly found tower defense genre. It just seems too boring – all you do is buy stuff and watch that stuff kill your enemies. You don’t get to control anything, you just sit and wait. That is the case in Guns’n'Glory by HandyGames, but the experience is a whole lot engaging!

In Guns’n'Glory you control a squad of outlaw cowboys against innocent settlers. With 10 levels, a whole bunch of new guys that can be brought to your squad, and a good sense of difficulty, this TD game will keep you occupied for a long time.

Controlling your outlaws is done by simply tapping on the one desired to be moved, and touching the spot that you want to move him to. As the settlers enter the desert setting, your squad will fire at them automatically, and you cannot let them breach your defense by escaping your firepower or else the sheriff will come after you.

For each settler that’s killed, you will receive some money which can be used to wake up other sleeping outlaws and add them to your squad. There are many types of people ranging from regular gunmen to native americans that throw hurdles of fire each with a different appearance and effect on the settlers. The settlers come in groups of walking people, covered wagons, horses, and many other different figures.

The game has 10 different levels that each take place in a wild west environment full with cacti, sand, brambles and other such things. Each level increases in terms of difficulty, and you can notice the change whether its throughout the many waves of a levels or when you advance to the next level.

Not only do I love the way that you can interact more than other TD games, but I love the wild west environments and the artwork that HandyGames has rendered. The environments are great looking with items that you’d find in real life, and the character sprites are very interesting.

I have found no flaws in the game so far, and I’m already more than halfway done with it. 10 levels may seems like a tiny amount, but each level consists of about 6-10 waves of settlers. The version I’m reviewing is the ad-free version, but a ad activated version will be hitting the stores soon for free. So far, I’m loving the game from its many elements to its auto-save feature. For the price ($2.99 for paid), I recommend Guns’n'Glory to all iPhone, iPod, and even iPad owners!


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