Guerilla Cardio App Review – Fitness

Fitness apps seem to be a very rare species on the App Store with very few making the top 100 charts. That’s probably because we’re all becoming rather lazy nowadays, but that doesn’t stop developer ‘code a plus’ to deliver quite a stunning app called Guerrilla Cardio ($1.99). The description boasts a scientifically-proven body fat loss training method that actually works, where you work out for just 4 minutes per day (yes, not a half-hour morning jog) to improve your fitness.

As soon as you launch the app for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a handy guide of how to use the app. It’s not really needed, but it’s a nice addition for the less-capable users. The app features a typical navigation bar at the bottom of the screen with five icons spread across it. It has a green theme throughout the app which appears suitable and well-chosen. Besides, Nike+ already has orange and blue is too mainstream.

The icon which caught me eye was the music icon in the centre of the bar. You can play a song from your Music app library right in the app, with full controls such as pause, rewind, fast-forward and skip track. Albeit you have to create a playlist first for the app to read, but that shouldn’t take long. Besides, you’re only working for 4 minutes.

The developers had to get the working out screen bang-on perfect. You don’t want to stop your work-out because you have to dig around the app for that single piece of information you need. I’m glad to report that Guerrilla Cardio performs well in this area. The top half of the screen is dominated by informative text, telling you what to do during the four minutes. There’s even a Siri-like voice assistant that tells you what to do, so you never have to even pull out your iPhone.

Once you’ve warmed up, the app has 8 segments to split up the four-minute run. Tap ‘Go Ahead’to begin the first segment and run for 20 seconds. Then the app will switch to ‘Rest’ for 10 seconds. This is repeated seven more times and each part can be skipped if you happen to drain your energy during the first 2 minutes. There’s even a relaxing sound effect as you complete each run.

Guerrilla Cardio uses your iPhone’s GPS chip to track where you are and what pace you’re travelling at. It’s not a good sight when you realise how slow you’re running, but it’s particularly useful when it cumulates your different speeds and shows the best one, allowing you to set a target. Your whole run is presented in a super-nice distance-time graph. Again, it’s green, and looks really nice as it moves along.

Admittedly, I haven’t downloaded many fitness apps during my four years with iOS but Guerrilla Cardio has really hit home. The user interface is gorgeous, the work-out screen is perfect and the whole presentation to the user is outstanding. The only thing I’m concerned about is whether the ‘fat loss’ actually works. Running for 2.4 minutes every day and resting the other 1.6 minutes of the recommended time frame doesn’t come across as a very effective method. We’ll just have to see in a very long time.

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Written by guest writer Daven Gomes.