Gold & Chocolate App Review

There’s really no shortage to the amount of decent, high-quality games on the app store, mainly because of its growing age and the type of astonishing things you can currently do. Gold & Chocolate is a simplistic twist on the classic “three cups, one ball, shuffle, where’s the ball?” genre, taking on a beautiful art style and making the most of it in a total of 90, increasingly challenging levels. You really can’t go wrong with this beauty.

The name really doesn’t do the actual game much justice in that it’s pretty misleading. Your initial impression, without playing the game first, would most likely be some sort of tycoon game/money management game or some other comparable genre, but in fact Gold & Chocolate is nothing of the sort. Instead, your job is to separate the good-guys from the baddies in a unique twist on the classic shuffling/”Where’s Waldo” genre. A comet/comets will pass through the screen of constantly moving creatures, illuminating the so called “baddies” by a dark shadow, followed by your task of touching those once the comet has completely disappeared from the screen. This seemingly simple mission is actually made to be extremely difficult by the intersecting, intertwining paths of the creatures and also because of the progression of levels. If a wrong creature is picked, in other words, an innocent, good-natured one, you will have part of your heart indicator disappear indicating that you’ve faced a penalty; once you’ve used up your life, the game will end, and you start from the beginning with the option to skip levels by 10 at a time.

As soon as you open the game, you’ll be prompted to play the first level, right away; in fact, maybe too promptly. The game is in dire need of a menu to help users navigate through the levels and some possible added options. Menu issue aside, the actual gameplay’s controls are very simple and easy to grasp. All you have to do is tilt your device to activate the comet or multiple comets, and then tap the baddies once it/they’ve passed. I would strongly recommend that an alternate button be placed on the screen to call in the comets.

As you progress through Gold and & Chocolate’s main meat, the many levels, you’ll also notice the wonderful art scheme that is used to construct the game from bottom up. It’s no question of polish, because the game has certainly got it with the graphics that simple ooze personality with their absolutely beautiful style that also boast retina enhancements. This is where the title really comes in to play as it is the color scheme used in rendering the many on-screen sprites and background.

You could also say that the game has a relaxing part to it thanks to the peaceful, harmonious background soundtrack that generously creates a nice environment.

The current price point on the application, $0.99 is completely reasonable especially if you’re in search of a fresh concept, which has been executed extremely well. Minor issue of the lack of a menu aside, Gold & Chocolate is a great way to get in a quick shot of some fun whether it be for seconds or for minutes.

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