‘Gogo Navigator USA & CAN’ App Review for All Devices

There are tons of options for users wanting to extend the reach of their iOS device; utilizing their ability to also be a GPS device alongside their primary job of being phones and entertainment systems is just one of the many ways. Among the top contenders on the App Store is Gogo Navigator for USA & CAN, a reasonably priced, full-featured GPS application that is well-worth the purchase, albeit with just a few, tiny caveats.

The user-interface here (UI) is, simply put, amazing! To say the least, the menus are crisp, efficiently laid out and most easily navigable. From the menu, you’ll be able to access your route information, where you can edit the route, settings, POI, favorites and more. You’ll also be able to locate the map, which will show you where you currently are, street names, highlighted route and displays options (3D/2D, zoom in/zoom out, and more). I do wish that the ability to search through the POI be added soon, because that’s one of the prominent features I tend to use with my current GPS.

“albeit with just a few, tiny caveats” -

The small problems with Gogo Navigator are definitely not game-changing, though certainly worth a mention: I encountered several bugs throughout my testing phase of the application, which caused the whole app to completely bug out and become completely unusable. It usually required either a hard-reset (home button + sleep button for ten seconds) or refreshing the application by killing the un-responsive process thanks to the multitasking bar. Again, it’s not something that I would consider as a reason not to purchase Gogo Navigator, though it could be a pretty annoying problem, especially if it happens when you’re relying on the application and are in a huge hurry to get to your destination. (Screenshot of bug)

The application also does crash every once in awhile, which can be extremely frustrating especially since you could be in the middle of doing something. Again, not something to change my view on the app, but surely something that needs to be addressed in future updates.

It would’ve helped if Gogo Navigator’s various icons, screens and sprites were more polished. In its current state, it seemingly doesn’t utilize the iPhone and iPod Touch’s retina display and some of the menu buttons are missing that crisp, polished, shiny sort of look that contributes an application’s professionalism and overall quality. These very few instances definitely don’t affect usage of the application much, though.

Considering the application takes up nearly 2 GB of space, it’s great that you don’t need a solid Wi-Fi or 3G connection for planning new routes and accessing all of the GGN’s features. This means the application works just as well on the iPod Touch or Wi-Fi iPad as it does on the iPhone or 3G iPad, when on the road. However, you can also get an additional feature unique to Gogo Navigator with an in-app purchase of $8.99 that does require a data connection (meaning it will not work on iPod Touches or iPads, but instead on iPhones). Live Traffic is very much like the software built into navigational devices that keeps you aware of possible traffic en-route, though much more advanced. It’s a wonderful, extremely useful feature that is available for only a tiny upgrade. After you select your destination, you’ll be able to access a list of possible traffic delays along with the estimated time the delays will last and what exactly the delay is.

Gogo Navigator for USA & CAN is certainly a possible solution for your navigation needs. It literally acts as a complete, built-in GPS with everything you’d expect to see. With a friendly UI, additional Live Traffic feature, a sophisticated OS and much, much more, all for a reasonable price of $29.99 (with optional $8.99 purchase), you don’t want to pass down the opportunity to own one of the most useful applications currently on the App Store – it proves that the iOS device is the ultimate utility for all of your daily needs, and I’m looking forward to using it and its Live Traffic feature on my next road trip!