Gemolition App Review – Freshening the Match-3 Genre

When I first got my iPod, I was attached to math 3 games like Bejewled, and others. As the app store grew, and further grew, many more of this genre started to flood the app store. For me, the interest sort of died down. But now, thanks to Gemolition I’ve found myself enjoying the genre as much as I used to!

The game starts you off with a checkerboard sort of background, with different types of gems on many of the tiles. Your job is to guide gems of the same style into one line of three or more. However, if you don’t create a line of three or more each turn, more gems are added to the board making it much more difficult to both find possible combos, and to beat the level.

To move a gem, you simply click on the desired one and then touch a tile on the checkerboard that is open. Gems will move to that position by themselves in a sort of tumbling fashion. The catch is, gems cannon move diagonally. So your job is to strategically plan out your moves to end up earning the most points before the timer displayed in the word “Gemolition” has drained.

As you advance through the levels, things start to get more and more complicated. More gems will flood the board, there will be less possible moves, and of course the timer starts to drain quicker.

With these rules, I have faced a few complications. Sometimes, there are moments when there are no possible moves at all – nothing to earn you points, and this often causes me to fail the game and have to start over.

Even with these issues, the game still turns out to be a fun and enjoyable game for those of you match-3 game fans. The simplicity of it makes it playable in any quantity, and the realistic looking artwork of the gems is amazing. For the $0.99 price tag, the game is worth every penny! 4/5 stars.