Gamebox+ App Review – A Freemium Title? No way, it can’t be! Yup, it is!

Whenever you go onto the top 25 free applications on the app store, you usually see a lite version, some utility or some completely pointless application (no offense). You don’t often see a quality game without having limits unless it was promoted with FAAD, or OpenFeint, or some other free app service. Gamebox+ just made its way onto the app store just a few days ago, and I have to say I wasn’t expecting such a quality title drifting at free. The catch? Ads that don’t even come in the way!

With Gamebox+, you get three titles that all could easily make an impact on the store as singly games for a buck or so each. You’ve got the classic puzzle game, the “I don’t know which genre this fits into game”, and of course the endless jumping game: not a bad start eh?

The first game included in the gamebox is called Pops. On a grid filled with tons of colorful squares, you must look for any chain of more than one and strategically pop them for points and combos and such. All of this while racing against the clock, and of course with bombs, combo multipliers and such? It’s pretty addicting.

The second game, is a rather odd one, though, I feel it’s the most fun. This, I have no idea which genre it fits into as I’ve never played anything like it. On an evident background of a chalkboard, you must trace shapes as precisely as possible being scored at the end on accuracy. With each time you pass, (over 60%) you’re given points, and each time that you fail (below 60%), you are given no points. To summarize it, you are drawing shapes as accurately as possible and as quickly as possible to achieve the highest score in the given time limit.

The third game is an endless game with a premise similar to that of Doodle Jump’s. Personally, I’ve seen enough of these games, but this one wasn’t so bad as it’s cute and not laggy like many of the others I’ve seen that revolve around the ‘jump as high as you can’ objective. To put this apart from the others, it desperately needs more content gameplay-wise.

Presentation in the application is at its highest level possible. The menu is absolutely fresh looking, and easy to navigate, while the games themselves are polished and bright. Without these graphics along with the fun games, I’m sure that I would’ve shushed away the application, but right now it’s awesome!

For free, the game isn’t bad at all. In fact it’s amazing. The catch of course with the free state of the game is that there are ads that constantly line the bottom of the screen. They didn’t bother me at all, but if you’re the type of person that always complains about the white mouse on the black computer screen while watching something, you may have a problem. Even so, the game is not something to pass on. You’re not losing anything by downloading it, and with the fun games along with the Game Center achievements, I’m positive you’ll be occupied for a long time. The only thing I can ask for right now, are more games which are soon to come!