Game Dev Story App Review – Flash Through 20 Years of Game Development

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the head of a game development company? I’m sure many of you have enjoyed games to their core, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make those game? How much time is put in, the amount of money invested and a whole other factors behind game development are hidden to the gamers. All we do is grab the game and start playing not giving about anything else. Kairosoft makes those facts visible to us gamers with their new release, Game Dev Story.

The story behind game development is a mystery, though with Game Dev Story you can pretty much get a “feel” for what happens behind the scenes. The game has you taking the role of a CEO in a newly sprouted game developing company with a goal to become a huge enterprise in the length of 20 years.

First Office

You start of in a simple office, with absolutely no employees except for your receptionist/adviser who explains the upfront basics of the game. With only a limited amount of funds, you must hire a select amount of employees to start the company up and running. To do this, you’ll have to put out the fact that you’re hiring using some means of media which each cost a varying amount depending on the publicity that it gets.

New Office

Once you get your employees settled, the development starts. You will start with only a license to develop for the computer choosing, logically, the genre and type that your game will take. Game development is pretty much perfect in the game. You’ll have to have a set amount of money put aside for getting the major traits of your games high and above most others. Basically, the main goal of the game is to get a game out there that stands out from the others. And to do that, you must either choose employees of yours or hire other ones to increase the traits of a game such as its Creativity, Sound, Graphics, and Fun level.

Fans are lining up for my game before it's done because of its high level of graphics

Once you finish a game (go through the process of development and debugging) you’ll be able to change the name of it to whatever you prefer and ship it out to the public. Critiques will rate your game depending on the level of its traits and the balance between them. If you get over a 31 together, your game has attained a special rank in the “Hall of Fame”: the significance of this is that later in the game you’ll be able to develop sequels to these highly popular games. After all of the scores have come out, the game will be available to the public and can make the top 30 games with one being the best to be.

Biggest Office (Notice at the top, one of my games has gone off of the market)

A game goes gets off of the market pretty fast, which is a bummer especially when you didn’t make as much of a profit as you imagined you would. That’s why, when you don’t have enough money to do something, and aren’t in the middle of an ongoing project, you’ll be able to get contracting jobs where you must do something in a specific amount of weeks to get money in returns. This can help you when in ruts though it could take a very long time to get millions of dollars through this method because most of the jobs only provide an amount in the hundred thousands.

Periodically, a new console will be released from opposing companies. During the press conference, you’ll be able to see the game, the amount that will be shipped, and the look of the new console. What really does intrigue is the names of your opponent companies. They’re very much based off of real major gaming companies with names like Senga, Sonny, and Intendro. On top of that, the consoles they release sometimes take similar names to the real ones that are currently on the market along with similar looks. Again, this isn’t a bad thing – it’s just intriguing.

At one point in the game when you’re a pretty big company, have a good amount of followers, and one of your employees have obtained the license of being a Hardware Engineer, you’ll be able to make your own console. This console does take a few years to develop depending on the quality of it, and tons of money goes towards the development. Once you release it, it will never go off of the market until you release another one, so for that time at least you’ll have a semi-steady source of income.

List of all my employees

You will be able to level up employees along the way too. When doing contracting jobs, or doing whatever that has to do with developing, you’ll earn research points that can go towards a variety of different things. You can level up employees so that their parameters are increased, boost different traits, and a few other things.

List of all my trophies

Another fact making the game very realistic along with all of the other things mentioned in the above paragraphs, is that there is an award ceremony at the end of the year. The best games out of the best will be crowned here for their superiority.

The whole game doesn’t really have you down and dirty actually developing the game. Instead you’re mainly just making the descriptions and letting your employees handle it from there. So in that aspect, I must criticize the game. However, just because the game lacks involvement doesn’t mean it isn’t any short of a game that should be on everyone’s iDevice. No, the game is amazing other aspects.

If you compare the game to a real game company, it does fall short in some areas but for the most part boasts a high number of things that would actually happen. There’s so many things that will eat up your money such as game licenses, hiring new employees, advertising, really investing in the traits of your games, buying items from tradesmen, leveling up employees, salaries, and much much. The depth of the game is surprisingly very deep considering the simple idea behind it.

The main portion of the game ends once 20 years are over. You can still keep on playing but your highscore isn’t saved. I wish that along the years that some of your employees would age and retire making it seem a bit more real because all of mine are going strong with 34 years. Oh yeah, and as you go doing different things unlocks new types of genres and types of game letting you stretch further. And even now the genres keep on coming!

The artwork of the game is another part of it that amazes me. I’m pretty sure that they’re not retina enhanced, but they sure do look great with their pixel-like style!

I seriously, no joke when I’m saying this, played for a whole day and only at the very end of my playing did my battery die. I swear, this game conserves battery better than any of played with so much action and things going on!

The game isn’t exactly real, and at the same time it’s not completely fantasized: it’s just perfect. The game sells for a price of $3.99, and already is climbing the charts! So, the game developers of this game made a game about developing successful games and their game is pretty successful if you ask me and the thousands of others playing it! Not only is the game successful at getting people to buy it – it’s also successful at getting you extremely hooked!