For All Angry Birds “Lovers”

The Angry Birds keep finding ways to wiggle into our lives from creating the holiday version of its game to the Angry Birds cameo appearance in Rio. These Birds aren’t going anywhere and their developers keep finding new ways to get our attention. No other app that I know of has taken the world by storm the way Angry Birds has. These critters have become fodder for pop culture and we are eating it up.

Today in honor of Valentine’s Day you can send an Angry Birds card to yourself or your friends on Facebook. You get your choice of six different cards to send that all include your favorite birds. So for all you Angry Love Birds out there hop on over to Facebook and get the Angry Birds App so you can send cards to all the people you love.

And, if you are looking for a little more to give the people in your life you can always check out the Angry Birds Store Buy them a plush bird or an iPhone case. What says, I love you more than some Angry Birds merchandise?