FMX Riders App Review – It’s Got Potential, But It Just Doesn’t Execute It

Since I saw this title emerge about a month or so ago, I’d been eagerly waiting for it to arrive into the app store. With anticipation, I tried the game with hopes that it would live up to all of the hype, but was faced with an attractive racer yet shy of the features that would actually make it a good one.

Yeah, it’s the first of its type, FMX Riders is which gives it an excuse to fall below expectations. The genre that the game falls into is of course racing, though the type has never been seen. The game introduces arcade motocross kind of gaming with its funky, cartoon characters and bright graphics that don’t make it look real. That’s not the only thing in the game that doesn’t seem realistic though.

When you first open up the game, you are presented to a crisp and easily navigable menu which gives strong first impressions of the game. All of the options are displayed in a way to make it easy to choose what you’ve opened the application for. There are two initial modes of play which can be chosen from: A single player mode, and a multiplayer mode which I find as a huge plus to the game considering the few amount of apps on the store that let you play online with people everywhere. The single player mode introduces you to three new modes which are Custom Play, Quick Play and World Circuit. The Custom mode is alike a free play mode where you simple choose everything for a “one time race” and quickly get playing. World Circuit is more like a career mode where you choose a character and enter into different tournaments classified based on their difficulty. And then Quick Play mode omits the ability to choose a character (Custom Play) and lets you pick all of the rest.

Further inside the Quick Play mode, there are four different ways that you can race. One being the regular race, two being a mode where you got out and just do tricks for a certain amount of time, three being a 3 Lap mode, and four being a mode where you try to get the best lap score.

There are few different maps where you can race including a desert, along snow and glaciers, a more luscious desert, and a few others. Along with that, there are multiple characters which can be raced with both girls and guys each with a unique look. As you can see, the variety and the content in the game exceeds the standards as the game offers multiple ways to play, a multiplayer mode, and tons of characters/environments that can be raced with/in.

The collision effects in the game aren’t quite accurate enough. This is the part that isn’t too realistic. You’ll find yourself racing, and when landing a jump off a cliff maybe penetrate through the ground or a hill that you’ve landed on. Also, the biker passes through the obstacles placed in an environment, and after crashing often sinks into the ground. This doesn’t look like it is supposed to be like that, but more like it is in there by mistake. I don’t particularly like it, but that’s the way it is for now.

Apart from that minus, I just think that the game is a little too hard to get adjusted to. For some, racing games are in their blood, but not be. I thought that it took me a little longer to get used to the racing, and took me a few races to win first place among the other AI opponents.

The one major plus of the game along with the content, are the bursting graphics that the developers seemingly took lots of care to perfect and make better than many of the other games out there. It’s not that they’re realistic, but they’ve got that cartoon tint that makes everything look great and the retina enhancements make them even better. Everything is crisp, polished and most of all retinal-ly delightful!

The Quadsphere has done a wonderful job publicizing their game, and if they could just make a few corrections to the game, it would be at a level of great fun. It’s got potential to one day be the dominating app in the racing section of the app store because it truly is fun at some points, but at its current state I wouldn’t consider it one of my best game. Instead of $2.99, the game is temporarily at free, so if you can manage to pick it up you’ve got a racer that when slightly tweaked could become a quality one. Once an update to fix some of the things I’ve mentioned comes out I can recommend a href=”″ onclick=”return TrackClick(‘′,’FMX+Riders’)”>FMX Riders to any iDevice owner.