Flight Control Rocket App Review – Fantastic Retina Visuals in a Classic

When the App Store was first founded a few years ago, it was overcrowded by a population of casual, enjoyable games with no other basis but to get the highest score possible; there really was no storyline, no development of characters or anything, but the fun lied rather within the actual gameplay itself. One of the games that existed and thrived in this former market, is Flight Control – becoming an instant hit and also a classic game that every iOS device owner undoubtedly owns, Firemint, the developers, have finally released a sequel to the acclaimed title that is every bit as worthwhile as its predecessor. Available for only $0.99, Flight Control Rocket took off just a few days ago, and it’s rightfully rocketing up the charts.

What Flight Control Rock does is simply expand on the common formula that was seen in its prequel. Your main mission is to guide rockets, of various color, to their specific runways – the premise is augmented greatly with the inclusion of upgrades that can be purchased, multiple game modes, and a whole onslaught of ships that are simply waiting to be discovered.

For the rare case that doesn’t know how to play, we’ll help you out. Your job is direct aircraft to their color-specific runway as they enter the screen from all four sides.

As you progress and land more and more ships, you’ll be challenged by hoards of ships that will appear together; crashing two or more ships results in a loss of life which will eventually lead to a game over once your three lives have been depleted.

The same formula is just as fun as it was, if not more, back when the original Flight Control was released. A sessions starts out being a piece of cake and rapidly becomes an inextricable mass of various aircraft threatening to collide. The thrill provided when you evade a collision by only a mere second is priceless, and each time you play will never fail to have such a moment arise.

Among the new additions made, is the new scoring system. Rather than tracking solely the amount of aircraft that have been landed, Flight Control Rocket calculates a score that is based off of the amount of ships you land as well as some other variables as well; on their own, ships aren’t worth much, but when you link a few of the same color together you can build up a combo. If you build one up enough, you can gain a huge amount of points for landing aircraft.

In terms of content, Flight Control Rocket has it all. There are a whole new lineup of rockets that will make their introductions steadily. Starting with ordinary aircraft all the way to ships that split in two upon finger-to-screen contact, Firemint have aimed to constantly surprise you.

There was one main gripe I had with Flight Control Rocket: its in-app purchases. You will also receive coins when playing the game, which can be used towards purchasing a new game mode as well as bots that each provide a special perk to the player. Upon losing the game, you’ll have the option to continue playing with three new lives at the score you left off at for a price dependent on how high your score is. With the integrated competitive leaderboards, players that purchase additional coins have an advantage in retrospect; they could technically continue to play endlessly (considering they have enough money).

Firemint have gone all out with the graphics here. First of all, the game launched compatible with the new iPad’s retina display. And let me tell you that the splash screen all the way to the game’s many assets looks brilliant. Whether if you’re playing on an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad, the artwork will never fail to amaze. Cartoon visuals are drooped by a vibrant color palette, and the total product looks absolutely stunning.

There’s much fun to be had in this case. Why Firemint waited this long to produce a sequel, I don’t know, but they’ve nailed it head-on undoubtedly. There’s no debate whether or not you should pick up this casual time-waster for a mere $0.99.

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