Flick Buddies App Review – It’s Simple, Yet So Hooking!

The app store got redefined yesterday, yet again with a new kin of game that hit the app store. Flick Buddies takes a strike at the store, and it sure does have a lasting impression on you the first time that you play!

Flick Buddies. Taking the role of one of many crazily themed teams, you must achieve the most hits to a target in a certain amount of time over your AI or real opponent. Sounds cool huh?

Gameplay goes down in a series of different levels. You start off with 5 unlocked, with more unlocking every time that you beat one. When you start, you’ll see the team that the game has automatically assigned to you. That will vary from hamburgers to snails and all of the other odd things in between. Each team has multiple characters that you must project off of your base on one of the corners of you screen aiming for a floating target. This sounds easy, but with all of the obstacles added it is pretty difficult.

Flicking your character will send it flying off with direction and speed of your flick affecting the sling. As you increase in levels, more obstacles will be added to influence the gameplay. Firstly, the target moves in a direction almost always moving into a swarm of hazards which makes it difficult to aim correctly. Even if you do aim correctly, the hazards such as, vortexes, pinball-like bumpers and a whole bunch of others. Each time that one of the characters on your team makes contact with the target, one point is awarded to you. At the end of the 1 minute gameplay period, whoever has the most points wins.

There will also be powerups that are given to you periodically which can be activated by touching your base. If used correctly and at the correct time, they could assist you in reaching the target. Otherwise, they might hinder your progress. There are boosts, splitting into two mini characters, and a stop in midair.

You’ll be playing with either an AI opponent, or with another person. The computer AI can get pretty competitive with, and I have to say that the developers did a wonderful job making the action of the AI seems real. Sadly, there is no bluetooth or wifi option, so you’ll be playing on one device if you’re playing with another player. However, it’s not so bad considering the fact that you don’t always have your hands wrapped around the device, but are instead just flicking with one finger at a time.

The artwork and the soundtrack are both something to notice as they do add to the intenseness of the game. The visuals are bright and look just great on a retina-enhanced device, and the sprites of the characters and everything else are well rendered. The soundtrack seems like something that would come out of the Three Stooges are some other show of that slapstick comedy manner as it has the constant bams and bonks. Make sure to keep your volume turned up while playing the game!

The game is almost complete, though not exactly there quite yet. It has all of the makings of a good game, but not content. With only 1 mode, Flick Buddies shies away from being a complete game with an excessive amount of replay value. With a constant stream of updates, I can see the game at the top of the charts. And for this type of game, so many updates come to mind within a few seconds of thinking. There could first off be different modes which had different limits or such. There could be an online multiplayer mode via Game Center. There could be a level editor and sharer that would instantaneously blast up the replay value. Additionally, there could be an upgrade store. There could be a steady addition of new teams. See what I mean? For sure, there are more.

Other than those gameplay additions, I think that the loading times from advancing from one level to another can be quickened. At the current, they do seem a little slow and sluggish for a game of this potential.

Being the first game released by Bane Games, I have to say that they’ve done an absolutely wonderful job with it. They took a simple concept that would’ve been ok on its own, and with a few tweaks and refinements made it extremely engaging. The unique cartoon visuals with bursting elements, the circus-like music, the fluid and responsive flicking controls and the many levels make Flick Buddies a one-of-a-kind! You can’t go wrong for only $0.99.