Finger Balance App Review – An Addicting Game Sure to Give Your Fingers a Workout!

From iPhone developers, Coconut Island comes Finger Balance, the new way to give your fingers an excellent little workout. With 30 brain twisting, hair pulling, and totally frustrating levels, this engaging puzzle/arcade game is sure to keep you entertained!

I cannot express the level of frustration that Finger Balance has achieved with me. With the game, you find yourself addicted within the first few seconds, and getting off of the addiction will take more than just some chewing gum.

In the game, your main goal is to use both of your index fingers/thumbs to strategically raise a bar with a ball on it to the top of the screen. On the way to the top of the screen, you must maneuver and avoid walls. This may sound a bit easy, but once you play it, you’ll take that thought back within an instant.

There are 30 levels, each with an intricate design to them. The design being, of course, made up of the walls that must be avoided. The levels might have you navigating up and down around peaky walls, or through the lines in a quick little maze. These levels are arranged in two pages each with a grid of 5 columns, and three rows. The first row distinguishes the easy puzzles, the second the normal puzzles, and the third the hardest puzzles.

The graphics are presented very crisply, but also very simply. The ball, and walls are each a different solid color, however I like how the simplicity of the game is kept in mind.

Each of the levels poses a challenge to the player, making the game interesting and keeping things fresh. For so many levels, you’d think that the price would be a couple of dollars, but the developers have kept it low and affordable. The game is selling for only $0.99, and for that price it may just tickles your fancy!