Fastar! App Review – Fight Angry Squares: The Action RPG

The games on the app store that contain that particular feeling of simplicity are the ones that demand the most attention from me. Simple pickup and play games that can be played anywhere: at home while bored, in a line, on the elevator, and so on. That’s why Fastar! [App Store] never failed to keep me occupied!

As the name implies, the game, Fastar! [App Store] has you fending for yourself against angry squares. The game takes the RPG genre, but instead of those complex ones that some people hate to see, this game is downright simple.

There are 4 different control options to choose from once you load up the game. Tilt, which is the default. Control Pad, which places an on-screen d-pad on the screen. There are two more, but I prefer not to use those two.

Pretty much everything in the game is customizable. You can flip around your iPod switching the orientation to your preference, change your character’s appearance, and even change the control scheme as mentioned earlier. These all contribute to a better gaming experience as the power truly is in your hands.

If you’re worried about content stop right there, and reverse a few thoughts to where you were thinking, “Wow this game looks great!” Content is not an issue in the game as there are about 24 different game modes that can be chosen from starting with the simple ones to the more hardcore ones. There’s a mode in store for anyone’s personality whether you feel like taking it easy and brawling the easy way, or getting into a duel where the screen is loaded with the fiercest boxes.

Once you have chosen a game mode, the game asks you which type of special weapon you want and you can choose from grid of perks that can be used once.

After you choose your perk, the game will commence and you will start encountering squares. Each square has a different size and a different color. These squares differ by their personality. Yellow and blue squares are fierce and lunge at you, while green ones retreat trying to dodge your every attack. There are also stationary gray squares that just stand in one place. These are easy to kill no matter what their size.

Whenever you kill a square, coins of different value will tumble out of the remains. These can be used to buy upgrades for your attack and defense value, and also can be used to purchase health which is indicated by a bar in the top left corner of the screen. Stores are located in cities which you will pass every now and then in each (most) game mode.

Artwork in the game takes the anime style, while gameplay and music remain arcade-like. There’s no debating on whether the game should be purchased or not because for the price, it’s a real bargain!

I really enjoyed the game, and the humorous environment of it. Even this trailer didn’t fail to crack me up!

[App Store Link - $0.99]