Farts vs. Zombies App Review – Everything Wrong With the App Store Done Right

We posted about this title multiple times once with the gist of it and again warning you that the game would be on the app store soon after it was resubmitted. Since the time that I saw the trailer I couldn’t get the game out of my mind which is the case even now after I’ve been playing it for days on end! Farts vs. Zombies makes everything wrong with the app store right.

The story is a rather weird one and not done too well with a bunch of unrelated things – but again that’s the beauty of it at the same time. I’ll say it now as a warning/reminder: the game involves farts, vomit, zombies, Japanese school-girls, and a rainbow colored unicorn. If you’re at all disgusted by these things, please don’t think about buying the game as it’s got a whole lot of this nastiness throughout all of the gameplay. But if you can put aside the fact that there’s farts flying everywhere, the game’s core idea is pretty cool.

There are two modes of play. Both a campaign mode and an initially locked survival mode. In both of the modes you’ll be directing fart clouds from your character, using the line-drawing techniques that have made themselves famous on the app store, towards threatening zombies which menacingly approach you from the right side of the screen. This line-drawing that ties together with powerups, different types of zombies, types of fart clouds and even the aid from a close friend is extremely engaging. Everything in this game is hands-on from controlling the colorful clouds of farts to even the stress-relieving loading screens where you tap away to release a stream of gas – immature? Yup!

The only bad I’d see in the gameplay is that the campaign mode does not have a balance of difficulty. The first level is extremely easy, and then suddenly the second level proves to be near impossible on the first try with too many zombies coming onto the screen and a lack of available fart clouds. Along with that issue the game needs retina enhanced artwork which is in the works. Rectify = amazing gameplay!

Other than that issue, the game’s graphics are flawless. I wish I had the talent that developers, Mutant Games have with their artwork because its simply great.

Everyone is somewhat immature, but this just really brings out the juvenile kid in you. The satisfying noise effects and all of the zombie-thwarting action is simply priceless. $0.99 (introductory price, $1.99 usually) is nothing compared to amount of line-drawing fun Farts vs. Zombies brings to your device. Instead of using these overused genres that are seen in the app store in the wrong way, the game manages to create a great experience. Though disgusting, it’s endearing and I’d easily consider it an app store gem within its genre.