Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia App Review

Minoraxis’ Exitium: Savior of Vardonia is an action packed RPG (made free for a limited time) that will not disappoint you. Unlike many apps, this one would not be considered a basic replica in comparison to others of its breed. It offers a stunning four different story modes, which all include a different game styles and narratives. Believe it or not, this Korean RPG is a combination of a huge amount pros and a minuscule amount of cons which would make any action-loving person jump for joy.

If you are familiar with RPGs, the gameplay elements of Exitium would seem familiar. It’s basically a game which involves slaughtering large mobs of randomly-spawning enemies to collect goods, complete various quests and tasks and eventually complete the somewhat standard storyline. As you work through the game, you level up, capitalize in some areas and earn cash to further better your character.

The game incorporates a large set of virtual controls which are unpleasant when you start to play. While virtual joysticks have become the norm for iOS, Exitium’s are lacking proper responsiveness, and they seem too clunky as they currently are. Adjusting can be considered as a great difficulty to overcome. They’re loose as well, making your character move in every which way. Since it’s Universal, I’d imagine the game plays a whole lot better on the iPad where you’ve got more room. If you can master the controls, which inevitably can be done with constant exposure, the level of excitement that this game provides will increase greatly.

Throwing in four characters was a good move in this second iteration in Minoraxis’ lineup of RPGs. They include the berserk, the paladin, the priestess, and the mage, all with their own special perks over one another and their own weaknesses. Every character comes with its own story and own class, and to add a little laughter to the game, its own oddly structured dialogue. These factors makes Exitium an enjoyable RPG without the usual grinding, horribly written dialogue and cheesy storyline as well as a game with enough content to satisy any seasoned RPG fan.

Like we’ve stated, content is hardly a worry in this case; a huge line of quests are intertwined in the story. There are hundreds of quests lined up that can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to complete. Although they all follow the same basic structure (find something, then kill enemies), they do play a huge part in making the user explore the massive map and fight the diverse range of enemies located in every corner. These quests collectively will take hours to complete but kudos to the interesting storyline, each and every one has its high points.

There is also a simple-to grasp crafting system in this game; it allows you to make potions and enhance weaponry. For most RPG’s that I play, I feel that a good crafting system is vital to augment the gameplay experience and dependency on the player’s prior knowledge with role-playing games.

Visuals in this game are fantastic; the vibrant colors perfectly fit the vibe of the game and each pixel of the retro sprites is rendered perfectly. They coalesce brilliantly with the sound and make the media sector of this game almost unsurpassed by most others.

This RPG does posses few qualities that are not present in others of its same breed, but it also has a few gripes that we found to be quite annoying. It’s currently available for free, down from its previous dollar price-point, and we recommend it fully to any fans of the genre.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="Pixel artwork doesn't get much better than this." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="The sound goes hand-in-hand with the artwork." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="RPGs have in the past been seen as inferior to others due to their excessive qualities that involve grinding, repetitive storylines and more. Exitium is quite the opposite, the gameplay is kept engaging throughout the 800 missions that compromise the four character's stories." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="This is where we felt the game needed improvement. The joystick was too clunky and unresponsive." cat4rating="3" summary="It doesn't lack in many places, and it provides solid gameplay. Pick it up for free for only a limited time."]

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