Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare App Review – Protect Your Base In This Exact Opposite of Flight Control

Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare recently released by Appular offers intense line-drawing action where you direct missiles at oncoming aircraft preventing them from ultimately reaching your base. Though it stands out with its stand-out premise, it doesn’t take into consideration that good graphics are essential to the overall fun level of a game.

In the game, you’ll be sending out missiles at oncoming airplanes and helicopters. To do so, you’ll drag your finger out from either of your two missile launching pads, and create a path for it to follow. You play to see how many aircraft you can shoot down before one manages to touch down onto one of the many lanes in each level.

When a missile is launched, it follows the path that you’ve drawn precisely which can be a problem. You can’t adjust the direction of your shot once the missile has left the launching pad, and similarly you cannot destroy a stray missile. This leads to confusion, and often a game-over due to the fact that the planes most of the time evade your missile as they change direction a ton and predicting their exact movements is sometimes impossible. What makes matters worse is that you cannot shoot another missile from a base if there’s already one from there airborne. Though it is very difficult in the beginning, the feeling of bad controls eased off a little bit as I started to spend more time playing.

Although the game has a great idea, it doesn’t put down everything to make your gaming experience the best. My biggest pet ve along with fun and unique gameplay, is that the games that I play be good in graphical terms. That’s not the case with this game. The sprites used for the backgrounds, the planes, the missiles, and pretty much everything that you can see in the game including the menus seem extremely “bland” and not too polished. They just don’t seem to attract the eye, but instead repel them.

The game does stray from the other games in the genre as there are many different maps to play at with different environments. There is a lot of detail in each of the environments, but like pointed out it doesn’t make a different one way or another because the textured backgrounds and such aren’t so fun to look at.

There is a respectable amount of achievements available via OpenFeint which can get you more involved in the game along with the leaderboards where you can see how you stack up against others who are playing. Again, in content this game is A+!

I do respect the fact that the game tried to be unique, but then the sort of difficult gameplay along with the rough artwork just made me not totally love the game like I do with many others. It’s not so bad that I’ll completely delete it off of my device, no, but it’s not something that I won’t be playing much unless it receives a makeover. If you don’t care much for bad artwork and are good with timing and precision, the core gameplay is pretty fun and the replay value is incredible. Surprisingly, I did sucked up in the gameplay a few times losing track of the time. You can buy Exclusion Zone: Anti-Air Warfare for only $0.99.