DoodleDumps App Review – A Disgusting Idea, But Also A Hooking One

iPhone developer Blastone recently released their newest addition to their small collection of iPhone games, DoodleDumps. With a pretty disgusting yet interesting goal in mind, the game is going to be in your favorite endless games folder along with others in no time at all!

In DoodleDumps, you control a well-digested biological material down the slopes of rolls and rolls of toilet paper as you try to get as far as you can. Gross, yes but a satisfying break from the constant line of Doodle Jump-like games.

Your iPhone or iPod Touch is held in a vertical position to play this game. By tilting your device, the “dump” will move left and right accordingly. Along your journey through the rolls, you will encounter many holes in the paper, and gaps where your dump is vulnerable. Time will also take its toll, as with the farther distance you travel, the more difficult the game gets. As you encounter these holes and gaps, you may have to jump which is done by simply tapping on the screen.

Also among the obstacles are powerups that will boost you that much further. There are rainbows, rubber duckies, and angel wings.

The graphics of the game are presented in a doodle form with the classic graph paper claiming the backdrop, and the obvious hand-drawn quality of the objects in the game. Though I am sick and tired of the whole doodle thing, this game surprisingly didn’t have a bad outcome on me. I felt the theme suited the premise best. The skid marks (eew), jumping animations, and the smooth frame rate of the game make it highly tolerable and actually a favorite.

I really wish that more would be available such as more powerups, and obstacles. But I know from previous experiences with the developer (LilRacerz) and from reading the app’s description that more will be coming via updates.

For the $0.99 price tag, I can’t say how much you should buy the game. Even thought the idea is a pretty yucky one, the game is cute, and most of all draws you in with the “one more go” tint to it.