‘Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword’ App Review

No one would ever run with a plasma sword, let alone even find where to purchase one except for comic store geek, Cornelius when the time of need arrives. Monsters, aliens and other science fictional hazards have invaded the planet and inevitably due to the sake of the game, it’s your job to stop them in a series of levels and endless running missions. Say hello to Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword, the latest in the endless runner genre.

Although the game is very inviting kudos to initial screens and any gameplay video that you see, which it is undoubtedly, there are a few caveats that accompany XperimentalZ Games’ first title in their App Store lineup. As stated previously, you play as Cornelius who has found his life boring in that he’s worked for various comic stands, shops, etc. and he wants to spice it up a bit – fortunate for him, the aliens invaded, and he takes matters into his own hands.

You’ll run through a total of four different outfitted environments, each boasting seven levels a piece with the last of every environment being an alien boss fight. An epic amount to whet your appetite for the endless mode that the afore-described story mode is incorporated with. Running to the right, enemies in various forms will attempt in killing you; that’s where your weapon comes in. Using the unique (pun not intended) control scheme, you can slash your way easily through the enemies.

There are also obstacles which you must slide under or hop over – elements that are essential in the making of an endless runner. Thanks to the three-button control scheme, you can do so. One button allows you to jump; one button allows you to slide; and one button, of course, lets you slash your plasma sword. Basic stuff when said, but successfully maneuvering Cornellius can be an unnecessary burden once you first start to play DRWAPS.

What makes DRWAPS simply stand out from others of the same breed, is the inclusion of leveling up making it sort of an endless runner/role-playing hybrid in my eyes. As you continue to play, you receive experience points which are used to level up your character and in turn upgrade the avatar. You can purchase a higher jump for Cornelius, more life and more. Indeed a joy once you get a taste of it and certainly incentive to continue playing and running with a plasma sword…

In terms of artwork, I wasn’t too thrilled. Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword’s cartoonish look didn’t suit my tastes, and I relented opening up the application sometimes due to this, which was glaring in my opinion. On the other hand, the artwork was vibrant and polished and probably will satisfy a certain type of gamer. But just because it doesn’t live up to my standards, I’m not going to dock DRWAPS in this aspect – it still has charm elsewhere. The music, however, was great. Featuring attributes that group the background soundtrack with its obvious predecessor, which was the aim, the music seems to be a tribute to older sci-fi movies. If you liked movies like that, the sound will most definitely pay homage to in your ears.

There’s really no culprit extremely noticeable to pinpoint that gets in the way of the gameplay. It’s just that little things, such as the non-intuitive controls, that subtract from DWARP’s otherwise interesting appeal. Even so, it’s a fresh change in the endless runner genre thanks to the multiple game modes, and the amount of content that’s here is enough to satisfy any casual gamer or the ideal hardcore one who’s bent on completely finishing a game. That’s all there is to say, so pick up the game on the App Store as a universal bundle for only $0.99.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="Polished and vibrant with a cartoon aesthetic that only some will appreciate." cat1rating="4.5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="A wonderful soundtrack that successfully pays homage to its likely predecessors" cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="Thanks to the two game modes included, the variations in the randomly-generated levels and the various types of monsters, the gameplay amounts to a fulfilling experience." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="The controls are responsive and not obtrusive, but they take some time to get used to." cat4rating="4.5" summary="Our verdict: DRWAPS is a great variation to the usual endless runner and worthy of the dollar price tag."]

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