DiscoTech App Review – A Vibrant Twist to the Labyrinth Genre

DiscoTech sounds like some kind of utility used to add some verve to music or something else among those lines, correct? Even the icon doesn’t betray that assumption with a simply disco ball. Though it may seem like yet another DJ application adding to the many on the app store, it is not. Instead of mixing music, you’ll be rolling a disco ball, through 15 levels of labyrinth action which catches on with you pretty quickly, but similarly ends quickly.

Being a labyrinth based game, you control a disco ball using the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s built in accelerometer through 15 levels of disco madness with colors, puzzles, and hazards. The levels are accessed through a somewhat cluttered list, and since 1/3 of the total 15 are very simple, the gameplay passes on very quickly; the good thing is that many of the levels take over a minute of so to complete rather than just a few seconds thanks to the detail involved in each. It takes only but a good half an hour or so to fully complete the game, however the rewards to be unlocked add some more time to that. If the developers add more levels, this game could see serious success among the fans of the labyrinth genre.

Making it easy to set your preference, there is the option to toggle the view at which you look at the level, and if you look at the full level using the birds-eye view, you’ll often see that the level takes the shape of some sort of disco item which is pretty unique.

Due to the disco theme, the levels tend to be very colorful with bright and flashing colors bursting all over the screen – sometimes, the levels are a little too vibrant and it’s difficult to make out where you have to go and what you have to do because of the oddity of the textured floors. Often, I find my vision blurry after done playing which I don’t fancy much. But, everything that makes up the levels are rendered well and are smooth along with the un-laggy framerate.

The reason it takes a long time to complete levels along with the blindness factor, is that the levels have depth and always require you to unlock things with the puzzle elements and strategically open gates, use teleporters, and such. Without these things, the levels would be extremely simple and you’d be finishing each one in less than 30 seconds each.

DiscoTech is available in the app store for a low $0.99 which is a sale price. I would recommend it at its current price, but after it goes back to original price, I wouldn’t so much mainly because of the lack of levels. Fans of the labyrinth genre will be satisfied!

This trailer shows you just some of what is included in DiscoTech