Dead Space™ App Review – Possibly the Best!

Dead Space ™ was recently released into the app store and since then hasn’t had a break from the media with all of the “oohs” and the “aahs” that it’s been receiving; including from me. It seems no one expected such a chilling, quality third-person shooter to breeze the app store. Truth is, it’s great and probably one of the best titles from EA and among the best on the app store!

Like the console version that Dead Space ™ derives from, you play in an alien-infested ship in the middle of space in various chapters against the slop + gush + random headed monsters that come around each corner in the many corridors that you’ll explore and blast through.

The controls are extremely simple, much apart from the other comparable third-person/first-person shooters currently on the app store. You walk by dragging on the left side of the screen, swivel the view by dragging the right, and tap on the right side to aim/shoot. Once you get past the initial difficulty, you’ll grasp the controls instantly!

What makes the game so amazingly awesome are the visuals that it’s crafted up. Being a horror game, attempting to freak you out, graphics and music matter a ton. The main reason that the many forms of aliens manage to be so freaky looking is because of the crisp, almost real graphics that the sprites are rendered with. Similarly, the in-game effects also somewhat contribute to the scary experience of playing: the dimming lights before something lunges at you, the occasional sight of a monster scampering across the hallway, and the bloody bodies that litter the floor every here and there. If you ever try the game, I’ve got a challenge for you: go sit in the dark of the night, by yourself, and try to play the game without gasping – it’ll be pretty difficult.

If you’re a fan of horror games or even third person shooters, Dead Space ™ is increasingly entertaining and thoroughly satisfying throughout the entire span of its plot and the creepy gameplay. It could very well be considered the best port yet to arrive in the app store. The amount of solid shooting that you can squeeze out of the game is well worth your 7 dollars.