Dark Nebula Episode 2 App Review – This Game’s Style, Is Worth Your While!

The highly anticipated sequel to the original, Dark Nebula was released a few days ago. Being a fan of the first, I can safely say that the sequel adds to the wonderfulness of the first making it a bigger, and better upgrade. All I can say is that I’m hooked, and ball rolling has now become a frequent hobby for me!

I loved the first game mainly because of its nice premise. However, loathing the fact that the game only came with 10 standard levels, I now am much more joyous with the second one. Instead of 10, the Dark Nebula Episode 2 comes with nearly double the amount: 19. I’m not sure why the collaborated developers couldn’t add just one more to make it even, but hey, I’m happy with the overall product.

Like the first, Dark Nebula Episode 2 belongs in the “ball roller” genre. At least, that’s the folder it’s taken on my iPod along games like Super Monkey Ball (1 and 2), Labyrinth 2, and Aerox.

My expectations didn’t fall short when I started playing the game. In fact, I was surprised. I had originally thought that the game would only include 10 levels like the first, and that it would be a breeze. However, the game has many more levels, which I explained above, and it is taking much longer to beat than I expected.

Each of the levels has you utilizing the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer while rolling a ball around. Your main aim is to ultimately make it to the end of the levels, but on the way you will encounter a series of traps and many useful items.

It’s great because the first one only had you rolling around whereas this sequel makes the experience much more enticing. You will face enemies of all sizes and shapes with different abilities, and with the new combat system that is incorporated you can actually fight them. This enabled the developers to add boss battles to the game which I highly enjoy, and the developers have actually created a new type of genre: ball roller with boss battles.

As you start getting further into the game many things will change. Of course, the difficulty of the levels starts to ramp up, but also the environments change. The game takes advantage of the iPhone 4′s retina display, and I can tell it must look phenomenal because it already looks breath taking on my old iPod Touch 2G. The artwork, as you can tel from the screenshot above (click on it for the full beauty), is amazing. I can tell that developing the game must have been a hard ache, but the result is worth it! Although the environments look great, I also wish that the developers had added a sense of “depth” because the game looks a bit too 2D at some points and this would really make the scenes pop out and come to life. Other than that, the graphics are indescribably wonderful!

I’ve been happy with the time I’ve spent playing Dark Nebula Episode 2. It has an incredible amount of replay value and therefore I see myself playing it multiple times. You should really have already pounced on the game when it was released if you were a fan of the first, because this one adds on it in so many ways. For the $0.99, there’s no debate: buy it!