Convertr App Review – A Slim, Powerful Unit Converter

Executed brilliantly and quite beautifully, Convertr ($1.99) from Vervv LLC will amaze you with every conversion that you make using its highly-developed, efficient interface. Offering a total of over 450 common and less significant units, the application is a must for that occasional utility that never fails to satisfy.

As you open Convertr, you’ll be sucked into the greatly designed confines of its UI. Instantly, you’ll notice the highly professional UI elements, all draped over the cool dark background that contrasts perfectly with the buttons. At the top, the category of your conversion will be displayed. Right under, the specific units are lined up. By clicking on the desired unit that is currently displayed, you can use the number pad to input the amount of something you want to convert to the alternative unit.

Either of the two units that are being converted can be clicked on to choose another unit in the same category, which can also be changed. There are a total of 19 categories that cumulatively boast over 450 units from typography to data size and everything else in between.

Because there are so many units to choose from, navigability was obviously a large aspect that was contemplated extensively in the design of the application of a whole. Categories and units alike can be favorited to be displayed in a separate list from all of the units – this prevents you having to scroll through each category seeking a certain one that you may use often.

It’s a simple application that simply oozes style and power and there’s really nothing else to say to accurately describe the awe you’ll get out of using it. It’s slim, easy to pull out whenever you have units to convert and it’s designed seamlessly. Even if you don’t have a need for it every single day, Convertr is a utility that every iPhone or iPod Touch owner should dedicate a prominent homescreen spot to. We have a little conversion for you: $1.99 to verdict: buy!

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="With attributes that make it look as professional can be, Convertr looks absolutely awesome." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="It has so many units to choose from which can easily be filtered through - it's fast too." cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="Organization is a strong pro of the application with easily-navigable menus." cat3rating="5" summary="Convertr is a utility that every iPhone or iPod Touch owner should dedicate a prominent homescreen spot to."]