Consume App Review – Data Tracking at Its Finest

With data usage growing rapidly, evident by the larger data allocation on AT&T’s part, and with no unlimited data offer currently being offered (other than for Sprint), you’re probably checking the amount of data that you’ve used in your billing cycle on your computer or by use of the old-fashioned texting way. Thanks to the power of the App Store, though, you can do so on your iOS device and with style as well.

Consume allows users to setup an unlimited amount of accounts in one application to track both data usage as well as anything else you’d normally check on such an account, including messaging, minutes, etc. It has tons of providers, types of plans and more integrated making the specific-to setup instructions simple for each.

Whether you’ve got AT&T, Verizon, a few of each, Sprint, Vodaphone, or any other provider, you can probably use Consume to your advantage. It supports over 200 carriers worldwide, although a couple are unfortunately excluded from the list. All you do is input your account details (the usual, including account number, password, etc.) and Consume does the rest.

Once you’ve successfully entered your details, Consume fetches all of your usage. So that said, you may be faced with infuriating news if you’ve, for example, passed your data allocation, spent too much time talking on the phone with your partners in crime or have been caught in the joy of texting and have irresponsibly passed the amount of texts you can send each month. Thankfully, the powerful UI and the slick aesthetic that presents this information in is great looking enough to easily ease your pain.

In comparison to the free MyAT&T application for iPhone, the Verizon smartphone companion application, or really any other app available on the App Store that lets you check the relevant application, Consume is far superior both visually and with its interface. Everything is presented with the utmost quality, with fancy bars displaying usage, glossy cogs and backgrounds. It feels as if you could simply reach out and physically feel the application, literally, which wouldn’t be such a bad experience at all.

I’ve had firsthand experience using the AT&T application that I previously used to track my data usage before I came across Consume, and while it does allow you to manage your bill and other such features, it is also a lot more complex comparatively. Namely with its menus. While Consume only sports one screen available immediately on startup, with AT&T’s native app you must navigate through various menus to track each of the elements of your wireless account separately; essentially, more time-consuming and tedious.

Consume is on the pricier side ($2.99) especially when you take into consideration the free price tag that AT&T has slapped on their application, but it really is a powerful tool – especially if you’ve got a split plan, meaning some members of your family have one carrier while the others are on another, Consume eliminates the need to have multiple utilities hogging space on your home screen or your limited folders. It’s also wrapped in a slick package that’ll literally have your eyes bulging and a stream of drool tracking down your chin every single time you open it up, guaranteed. Depending on how you look at that, it can be either a good thing and a bad thing at the same time…

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="This is one of the main fortes of Consume." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="Setting up your account is simple as pie (see what I did there?)" cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="Everything arranged on one page makes navigation a breeze." cat3rating="5" summary="Consume is slightly steeply priced but for good reason. That said, we recommend it fully."]

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