chronoSgear App Review – RPG Meets Match 3. New Genre?

Never have I been too interested in RPG games. Zenonia 2 came out — other people were completely off the ground with joy. Me, I didn’t care. However, after playing chronoSgear, I have come to the conclusion that the game is tolerable, and that I’m actually enjoying it…a bunch!

chronoSgear is a new game on the iPhone and iPod Touch that combines the match-3 genre with the RPG genre to make a game that has received, so far, pretty good ratings on the app store.

The game has you walking around a full cartoon world completing different tasks for a gang. You will defend different people, fight to take control over something, or fight random competitors that show up to level up your fighting units.

In the game, you move around with a virtual d-pad that appears anywhere on the screen when touched. By dragging in the according direction, you can move in the 8 intercardinal directions. As you travel along the 2D land, you will randomly have the opportunity to face different foes. Some at your level, while others may be lower or higher. The whole idea sort of reminds me of Pokemon: you have the option the fight, or run.

All that has been explained above has been the RPG part of the game: leveling up, moving with a d-pad in a full world, and other things similar to Zenonia or anything else of same idea. So where does the match-3 part tie in? The battles. A battle takes place on a grid where your units are placed. Your job is to strategically move your units to create lines of three either horizontal or vertical. Both your opponent and you get a certain number of turns. In those number of turns, you can delete units, move units, add new units to the board, or earn more turns by doing various things. Horizontal units form shields, while vertical ones form attacking units. By attacking the opponent’s side, their “soul” or, in other words, HP will decrease and you will win when the the bar on top of the screen has fully depleted. All of this takes thinking, and I often find myself losing to opponents because my noggin isn’t good enough. In fact, I was stuck on my first opponent for the longest time before I beat him and was able to move further into the game.

There are only a few suggestions I have for the game developers. One, I wish that the character was customizable in terms of appearance and gender. I mean, it’s pretty boring to have to look at the same character over and over. And secondly, the character is a bit difficult to control. The d-pad is a little shaky and hard to get the hang of. I’d recommend that, in an update, a d-pad that’s fixed on the screen be added because I think the different adjustable positions throw me off.

The one thing that I do fancy about most RPGs is their amazing manga/anime styles artwork. Pretty much everything is hand drawn to perfection, and it looks absolutely phenomenal!

Other than the two flaws I found in the game, it was pretty close to flawless. It brings a new style of gaming to the app store, has a wonderful story, and great looking graphics. For a limited time, it is 50% off at a price of only $1.99. I’d recommend it any day, to even those of you, like me, that don’t fancy RPGs too much. You’ll be surprised how much of a gem this beauty is!