Chrono&Cash App Review

There are those who love pixel-art games and those who don’t. I’m one who can love them if they are executed perfectly or hate them if it’s just plain rubbish. It’s safe to say that Chrono&Cash ($1.99) has been executed beautifully and delivers tons of fun for any hardcore gamer out there.

Chrono&Cash is a memory-based platformer that has you play a character who runs around collecting bags of cash or any other object the level tells you to. You must collect them all to progress onto the next level, but it’s much harder than it first appears to be. I had to play the first level 4 or 5 times before I actually got the gist of the game and found it to be challenging and irritating.

The game comes with on-screen controls that allow you to move the character left and right, then a red button is used to jump up the platforms. If you double-tap the jump button, you’ll jump even higher for those extra high platforms. The developer has cleverly made the controls semi-transparent so they don’t crowd the screen and let you focus on what’s really important.

The AI is very, very well-mad. It challenges you to the extent that you have to forget everything that’s going on around you and dig deep into your memory to remember where the enemies will move. They walk out of black doorways spread across the levels on of the highest platforms. Their aim is to catch you so that you lose one of your three lives. All they have to do is touch you which makes it all the more harder. It would have been nice to be able to jump on them to defeat them, but maybe that’s just me and my love for Mario.

Your memory is key. Each level looks different but the AI moves in the same pattern every time you start that level. So you have to remember where they will drop from, which direction they will move and how often they come out of the black doorways. Timing is the second-most important thing, and then comes placement. You must move at the right time to avoid the AI and go to a platform where they can’t get you – sometimes it’s the platform above the black doorway.

The developers should give their musician a cake, a new iPad or something really expensive. The sound effects and theme tune are incredibly awesome and fit extremely well with the pixel art. It gives you an upbeat feeling and lures you into the next level.

There’s an in-game leaderboard for you to enter your initials and highscore. While it is a nice addition and much needed for this type of game, one thing that annoys me is that you have to enter your initials in every single time you lose. I tend to lose quite often, as you do with highscore games, but I don’t want to type the letters ‘DRG’ every time. The developers should make the game remember the last entry and have it as default so I just have to press ‘OK’. You know, like nearly every other game with an in-game leaderboard does.

Chrono&Cash is a seriously awesome game. It can get frustrating when you run into the enemies or when I jump on them thinking that they will flatten, but the awesome music and pixel art make up for that.

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Written by guest writer Daven Gomes.