Bring the Fourth of July Celebration to Your iPhone/iPad

It’s July 4, and every American knows what that means: celebrating our independence with extravagant firework displays! As fireworks going off around me all-night make obvious, it seems more than a few people can’t get enough of the festivities. To those (and tons of others), it is only natural to want to extend the firework display further. How about bringing some of the fun to your iPhone?

While the App Store is full of apps with firework effects, there is one particular free app that doubles as a game and entertainment, with game mode and display generation options, titled Fireworks Arcade. Users can create a show using multi-touch or have the app generate it so in the few moments when there aren’t fireworks being shot off, users never have to be without the spectacular effects and sounds, albeit on a much smaller scale.

An array of firework shapes enhanced by various effects makes each and every one unique. The realistic physics featured in the app extends to each firework particle. Adding a unique layer of effect, gravity can be manipulated by tilting the iOS device.

Of course, firework shows are not limited to the sky and the iPhone. Since the app is universal, iPad users can join in complementing the celebration on their device as well. After all, extra firework fun never hurt, err, extra virtual firework fun never hurt anyone.

Have a great Fourth of July!

[App Store link]