Bouncer Boot Out App Review – Gel back your hair, polish your boots and wear your shades; it’s time to bounce

Wherever you reside you may have established a system of hierarchy with different groups of people being classified by different criteria or by whom they hang out with. In your work place, school or any other place like this there may be some groups that only mingle with others of their own. In iPhone developer, 5th World’s first game on the app store, Bouncer Boot Out there are two groups: the people allowed in the club and the people that must stay out! Your job is to be the mean bouncer and control who gets in ‘Da Club’ and other locations.

You’ve got your regulars which consists of all the “cool people” with makeup, suits. cigars and such, and then you’ve got all of the rejects which includes the grandmas-with-canes, underages, hobos, evident rednecks and other people just not allowed past the bouncer. Belonging in the endless games category, if there was one, Bouncer Boot Out puts you in control of a mean bouncer with a job of letting in the cool people and keeping on the people not on the list to the club.

With frantic gameplay, people will stream into the screen from the right in a straight line heading towards the door to the club. You either boot em’ or let them pass depending on who they are; trust me, you can tell who to let in and who not to let in once you see them. Flicking someone upwards will hurl them out of the screen and award you points. Letting people in who belong also gives you points. There are two game modes: a survival mode and a timed mode. In the survival mode, your aim is to gather as many points as you can without letting in three not-belonging people. In the timed mode, you have 90 seconds to see how many points you can collect without letting in too many of the non-belonging people.

In both of the modes your ultimate goal is to earn as many points as possible. Especially in the timed mode, it’s essential that you get as many points with each boot as possible. You can get more points for chained boots which means that you line multiple non-belonging people one behind the other and boot them together to receive more points than just booting one person. This takes some strategy as the people will still be walking towards the entrance while you’re trying to line them up. Occasionally, an underage child strolls past the line whom, if let in, will result in an automatic game-over. Managing to let all of the right people in and booting away the rejects all while doing it before they can get to the entrance is pretty difficult considering that the difficulty of the game racks up as the line starts to move quicker.

Based on the number of points you can manage to get before dying or before time runs out can unlock more locations that have an overall different environment. There are a couple for both modes and unlocking them can be pretty difficult as the number of points needed goes up with each location.

The gameplay part of the game is almost perfect. I’d like to see maybe some new modes maybe like a hardcore mode or powerups in the existing modes that would add more variety to the game. Right now there’s not much variety except for the different characters, the funny lines after you face a game-over and the multiple locations – other than that, nothing. I don’t mind if it’s a new character addition like every month, but anything would be enough.

The menus are easily navigable with the extra swirling icons to add some appearance to the buttons. While playing, the menu does lack a restart button which is needed because at the current state, you have to go back to the menu to start over again – not a big issue, but it can be a hassle.

Personally, I think all of the characters have some of that funky look to them, and I definitely wouldn’t let them in a club. That’s a good thing, however, because that’s the way I like it. The game has maintained and continued on the humor from the dialog at the end of round over to the artwork with the overall style of the characters. Again, a good thing as this visual style is unique and somewhat elegant if you fancy cartoon characters!

Even the sound has a unique twist to it. The whole game’s soundtrack is a sort of mix between techno and a few other music genres. Unlike some other game’s frantic-like soundtrack, Bouncer Boot Out doesn’t get overwhelming to your ears.

I’ve never even thought about seeing a game like this on the app store, so I’m very much happy that 5th World did. The idea is nothing but engrossing and the gameplay will seriously suck you up. The $0.99 you’ll spend on Bouncer Boot Out truly makes life difficult as you decide whether you should be good and do what you’re supposed to do or play; in the end, I’m guaranteed that the irresistible allure of the game will surely win over you and there won’t be a guilty conscience present because you’ll know you’re doing the right thing!