Best Technology Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Technology companies ruled the roost this year with the Super Bowl commercials.

Best Buy’s ad last night featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Beiber told us that Best Buy would buy back our old products when we decide to upgrade. Seriously? What is the catch? Here is the scale posted on the Best Buy website that shows how much you will get back if you participate in the program.

The creators of Ice Age are coming out with a movie called RIO that features the worlds most popular birds – Angry Birds. Rio, a story about a bird finding his way, kind of like Happy Feet but with a different bird and in warmer weather. Regarless, as an Angry Bird fan, I just might have to see this movie.

Samsung’s ad for the Samsung Galaxy has a group of women watching a video on the phone while at a football party. Then she turns the video on to the t.v screens. So, I’m confused, are they boasting that you can watch video on the phone? If so, snooozeville. Or, are they saying with the Samsung Galaxy, you can dock the phone to allow playback your t.v. because that would be kind of cool.

This commercial from Sony for the Ericsson Xperia has a robot/gaming Frankenstein being made so he can use the phone. Um, I don’t really get this one but seeing those thumbs on the green R2D2 cracks me up.

Motorola’s ad for the Xoom has a cute nerdy guy in a sea of lifeless “Apple” fans. Even though I AM one of those Apple fans, I like their gentle jabs at Mac from the white headphones to the blank stares.

The Chevy Cruze has OnStar that will now allow you to get real time Facebook updates in your car. Excuse me if I’m wrong but isn’t OnStar the same company that helps you in the event of an accident? So, now you can call OnStar for help and update your Facebook status all at the same time. “This is OnStar may I help you?” “Yes, I’ve been in an accident, please send the jaws of life to cut me out of the car.” “Thank you, emergency personnel are on the way.” “Update Facebook newsfeed to…Just got in an accident and bleeding profusing, Say a prayer that the paramedics can save my life.”

And, it looks like the web it out of names and now has created web addresses ending in .co. This commercial disturbs me. Please tell me that Joan Rivers’ head was digitally put on someone else’s body! If not, I’m getting a gym member ship tomorrow and calling the nearest plastic surgeon.

Besides these technology commercials, there were so many other great ones. As an off topic add on, here are my personal top 3 of the night.